Guest post by David Thingsaker: An unexpected path of a Physicist

My name is David, I studied for a BSc in Physics and graduated around 18 months ago in 2011. When I was at school choosing which subject to study for my degree I had no idea what I wanted to do. The reason I chose Physics was because I believed that it gave me the most options after I graduated. I enjoyed Physics at school, was good at Maths and so it seemed to make sense.

However once I had settled in at university and was well into my first year I realised that maybe Physics wasn’t exactly the right choice, although I enjoyed the course I knew I didn’t want to end up doing research. I carried on with the course until I graduated and I am very glad that I did. Physics teaches you a lot of extra skills that are relevant to a huge range of different professions. I am now a Web Developer for a digital agency based in London.

My day to day job entails building websites and Facebook apps for well know brands such as the Premier League, Colgate and Greenpeace. The work I do is seen by hundreds of thousands of people which gives me a buzz when I know its all gone well. Without the coding skills and logical thinking I learnt during my degree I wouldn’t have been able to break into this field without experience.

What helped me most was Surrey’s lecturers and the ability to go and see them at any point. Without this opportunity I would have struggled to get through my course having decided it wasn’t research I wanted to go into. They helped me pick the right final year project in computer coding which helped teach me the skills I needed to become a developer.

I could not be happier with my career and feel lucky to have a job I love. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help from Surrey and the Physics Department.