Article 50 infographics – updated to September

We’re a quarter of the way through Article 50’s two year cycle, so it’s a good moment to review progress in the negotiations.

As you can see from the updated visuals below, there has been some movement, but not much that is concrete and settled. The UK continues to suffer from its lack of decided course and destination, and last week’s Florence speech by Theresa May might have done little more that create some rhetorical room for movement in the current round.

By the time of the next update, we will have a clearer sense of where we are, as the Commission will have reported back to the European Council, which currently looks very unlikely to agree to move to Phase II immediately.

As always, please feel free to share these infographics and to suggest changes.

PDF versions: A50 progress Sep 17A50 timeline Sep 17; A50 barriers Sep 17