Go and vote

A short one today, because there’s really only one useful thing to be done: vote.

Voting gets a bad rep sometimes. The choice of candidates is rubbish, it doesn’t change anything, my voice doesn’t really count, the system doesn’t work.

So why bother?

Bother, because even if the system isn’t perfect, even if you are just one tiny vote among many thousands, it still matters.

Democracy is about participation. Without that it is meaningless.

Your vote is not just your vote; it is also a sign that you prefer a system of politics where the people have a say and a stake in the process.

It might not be much, but it’s better than a system where you have to suffer the decisions of others, with no opportunity to mould things. Indeed, you can even get to vote for people who’ll try to change the system so it works better.

Even if you don’t really care about democracy, then vote because it’s in your self-interest.

You might not vote, but plenty of others will, which mean they get to pick who represents you. As I’ve noted endlessly before now, other people’s choices are unlikely to match your own, so why pass up the opportunity?

So get out there, exercise your rights and make sure you don’t leave it to others to shape your future.