Mastering life as a European Student

University of Surrey gives you the opportunity to become open minded by meeting International students, visit home easily for the strategic location, finding jobs with job fairs and good connection in Guildford.

When I was deciding on my Undergraduate (UG) there were many possibilities all around the world. I am from Italy but I attended an International school, which opened my mind and my vision for the future.

Being from a European country has lots of benefits, starting from the tuition fee to the working permit. Even for my Undergraduate degree I decided to stay in Europe, UK. University of Surrey was my first choice for my UG but unfortunately I was not able to get in. I worked hard in my degree to get the necessary grade to get in University of Surrey for my Postgraduate study.

European students have some great benefits in studying in UK, however, UK Universities like international minds, which is why tend to have high percentage of International students. It is a great opportunity for both European and International students to interact with each other and to be more open minded.

European students have a great advantage over colleagues coming from all over the world. They can travel back home even for one weekend without spending lots of money and travelling all day. At the beginning it might not be so important to go back home, but after a while you might miss home, family and friends and this is a great opportunity for students.

Finding jobs in Guildford is really easy thanks to the University’s connections in Guildford. It is a small town and most of the workers are young students attending the University. At the beginning of the year many shops search for motivated students to work for them. The University also offers jobs, such as student ambassadors, helping with campus tours, social media and fairs, really well paid.

I work part-time in Hollister and as student ambassador, I still have time to party, play sport and most importantly study and get good grades. Time-management is what makes the difference in a Master degree.