Postgraduate life at Surrey

Discover more about what it's like to be a postgraduate student at Surrey.

Training and Learning Opportunities for PhD Students at the University of Surrey

As a PhD student at the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management who has just started their 3rd year, I thought this was a good time to reflect upon all of the training and learning opportunities that I have had so far and continue to be offered. I have been tracking the training courses that […]

Research Culture at Surrey

When choosing a doctoral programme, one of the key areas I considered alongside areas of research expertise was research culture.   The Royal Society states that “Research culture encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms of our research communities. It influences researchers’ career paths and determines the way that research is conducted and communicated.” […]

Pursuing a PhD as a Mature Student: My Experience at Surrey

I am a mature student currently working on a PhD in Hospitality & Tourism Management. However, at the University of Surrey, I am not alone in this endeavour. There are quite a few PhD students throughout the University who are working on a PhD a little later in life. The other mature students that I […]

Teaching opportunities as a PhD student: Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching

Do you want to teach in higher education? Whether you’re looking to be a full-time academic after your PhD or you want to improve your teaching skills, the university offers the graduate certificate in learning and teaching, run by the Institute of Education, to teaching staff and they also have some spaces for PGRs. I’ve […]

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