Postgraduate life at Surrey

Discover more about what it's like to be a postgraduate student at Surrey.

Finding a PhD project in STEM fields

So, you’ve decided that you love research and want to do a PhD. But where should you start when it comes to finding a project? There are lots of different ways to find a project and the Surrey application guidance page is a good place to start if you’re completely at a loss. In this post, I’m going […]

Celebrating Christmas away from home? Here are a few tips to make the best of your time!

Hi, my name is Yashika and I’m a PGT student from India and you can read more about me here. So like some of you, I will also be staying in the UK during the holidays cause guess what? Travelling to Asia isn’t cheap and with the current pandemic situation, it doesn’t look like I’m […]

Tips for new PhD students

If you’re a new PhD student, things can be a little bit overwhelming, to begin with. Whether it’s setting into a new place, meeting colleagues and your supervisor, or not knowing where to start with your research, hopefully, this post will help you.  Take time to explore Guildford is a beautiful place but as with any new city, […]

A week in the life of an experimental physics postgraduate researcher

Hello! I’m Daisy Shearer and I am a third-year physics PhD candidate here at Surrey. My project is in the field of quantum technology, so I work primarily within the University’s Advanced Technology Insititute developing novel fabrication techniques to make nanodevices that utilise quantum physics and investigating the physics of the devices I make.  My days are made up of various […]

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