My Ambassadorial Odyssey at Surrey

Greetings, fellow travellers on the path of higher academia! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a master’s student in Process Systems Engineering, journeying through the rich corridors of Surrey, with a foot in both the realms of rigorous academics and exhilarating creativity. Yes, creativity – an aspect often deemed incongruous with the strict regimes of engineering. But let me share a tale that merges these two realms.

As we stand at the crossroads, looking ahead, remember that sometimes, the most enriching paths are those less travelled. My journey as a marketing ambassador has been that less-trodden path, laden with lessons, laughter, and luminous memories.

From Engineering Precision to Creative Expression: My Dual Journey at the University of Surrey

During my busy days diving into the complex world of engineering concepts, a heartwarming opportunity unexpectedly unfolded. My wonderful Chemical Engineering professor, who is well-regarded for his significant contributions to the field, noticed something in me — a longing for a creative outlet. At that time, I had been quietly wrestling with the reality that my intense studies didn’t leave much space for my love of creativity. Sensing this, he warmly extended an offer I hadn’t even imagined: the chance to join the University’s marketing team and explore the world of content creation.

This wasn’t a mere offhand suggestion. It was a thoughtful invitation, designed to weave my engineering studies with my creative spirit. I was instantly captivated by the idea and thought to myself, “What better place to let this new chapter blossom than within the comforting environment of my very own University?”

With a deep-rooted passion for content creation, and inspired by several friends finding their groove in marketing, this opportunity felt like the perfect blend of my diverse interests. Now, with immense pride, I juggle two fulfilling roles: that of a dedicated Process Systems Engineering master’s student, and an enthusiastic budding content creator, crafting stories that resonate with our spirited student community.

The essence of being part of a team…

Narrative Resonance?

Delving into the art of writing, my process isn’t merely about putting pen to paper; it’s a symphony of research, exploration, and collaboration. Before penning down each post, I initiate a methodical journey that starts with extensive reading and understanding. From there, I venture out into the vast pool of collective knowledge our University offers. Engaging with fellow students, academicians, and sometimes even professionals outside the academic realm, I gather diverse opinions, anecdotes, and insights. It’s not just about documenting experiences but understanding the ethos behind each narrative. This meticulous approach ensures that the content I curate resonates on multiple levels, becoming a tapestry woven with varied yet interconnected threads.

This multifaceted journey at the University of Surrey has been nothing short of transformative. On one side, the intricate labyrinth of Process Systems Engineering continually challenges and refines my analytical and problem-solving prowess. On the other, my active involvement with the marketing team provides a canvas to express, innovate, and craft narratives. It’s a harmonious dance between the methodical and the creative, between data and narrative. Both these worlds I inhabit at Surrey might seem distinct, but in reality, they exist in a state of symbiosis, with each domain amplifying the strengths of the other.

Bridging Gaps with Unibuddy

In my continued commitment to the University of Surrey’s community, I’ve also embraced a role on the platform, Unibuddy. Recognising the myriad questions and uncertainties budding students face when considering our institution, Unibuddy serves as a beacon of guidance. It’s more than just a chat platform; it’s a bridge connecting prospective students with current ones, facilitating a genuine exchange of experiences and advice. Along with other dedicated members, I’m always on standby, eager to engage, answer queries, and provide that reassuring nudge. Our collective aim is clear: to assist in making informed decisions, ensuring every new student finds their perfect fit here at Surrey.

Future Aspirations with the Team

As I reflect on my journey and contributions so far, my aspirations stretch beyond the present horizon. I am fuelled with a profound desire to offer even more to my team. I envision myself delving deeper, taking on bigger challenges, and crafting impactful strategies. My aim isn’t just to contribute, but to become an integral pillar, driving innovative initiatives and fostering growth for our marketing endeavours.

The Students’ Union: Connecting all the teams, just to help you get where you need.

Blending Precision with Passion: My Aspirational Pursuit at Surrey

There’s always been a unique vision simmering within me, one that aspires to seamlessly blend the technical rigour of my major with the dynamic world of marketing. On the surface, these two fields might appear worlds apart, yet driven by personal convictions and innate curiosity, I’ve always harboured the idea of intertwining them in a career pathway. It’s not about merely juxtaposing two disciplines; it’s about catering to an intrinsic need I’ve identified within myself. Each day as I meld the realms of engineering and marketing, I find validation and exhilaration. It fuels my hope that this experimental path I’ve embarked upon, merging precision with creativity, will chart a fulfilling trajectory for my professional journey.

Now, returning to the broader picture of postgraduate life at Surrey, our University offers a plethora of opportunities. From career events like the Graduate Job Fair to the unparalleled guidance of the Career Services team, students find a supportive ecosystem ready to nurture their diverse aspirations.

Ghazal Hosseinkhani
MSc Process systems Engineering

To conclude, the road ahead might be lined with challenges and uncertainties. But remember, each twist and turn, each decision we make, contributes to our unique story. Whether you’re diving deep into your studies, exploring creative outlets, or even trying your hand at content creation as I did, cherish every moment. After all, success isn’t just about the destination but the experiences and memories we gather along the way.