14 things to do whilst we are all on lockdown

In the UK, we are now effectively in lockdown, as are lots of countries around the world! When I first found out, I was worried I would get bored or feel stuck at home. Then I realised there are so many options to keep busy. I’ve listed a few I am planning to do below, but there are loads more, depending what you’re into:

This is my little dog after a walk through the countryside – she’s filling her days with sleep
  1. Yoga – I normally practice yoga twice per week at Uni, but of course the classes are cancelled for a while. Instead, I am doing a short practice when I can in my living room – you can find loads of practices online. It’s a really good way to reduce stress as well, because it can be difficult to focus when the only thing anyone is talking about is coronavirus. You don’t really need a mat either, it can just be a little bit more comfortable.
  2. Exercises – you could run around the house, do some calisthenics or find some fitness regime online. As soon as I feel trapped, I get really energetic, but I’m lucky since we have a rowing machine at home.
  3. Cooking – I love cooking so it’s been a really good excuse to make lunch or dinner for my family. I’m also trying to make new things. It has been a bit of a challenge because it’s difficult to get some ingredients, so I’ve become way more creative, finding new recipes that use ingredients that are easier to get.
  4. Writing a book or graphic novel – this isn’t really one I would enjoy (I’m not so into writing), however a couple of my friends are quite into writing and they’re having a great time.
  5. Drawing – I am planning to find my art set from when I was little and draw some stuff. I’m really not very arty, so don’t expect to see my work in a gallery, but it’s something to do.
  6. Gardening – we have a little garden at my parent’s house, so we are planning to tidy it up and we managed to get some seeds, so I have an excuse to get outside.
  7. Cleaning and tidying – it doesn’t sound very interesting, but I always put it off normally, and it can feel really good to get the jobs done. Now that I’m stuck at home, I actually feel a bit more productive, because it would be so easy to sit and do nothing.
  8. Netflix catchups – there are so many TV shows I’ve said I’ll watch for about 3 years and I never got around to it. Now it gives me something to do in the evening, since these are very quiet all of a sudden.
  9. Meet up with friends virtually – just because we can’t leave home doesn’t mean we can’t chill with people. I’ve “met up” with some friends I haven’t spoken to in years and it’s been great. You could use Houseparty, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime or Teams.
  10. Planning for when things relax again – I am making a flexible list of things I wish I could be doing, which I can get on with once lockdown is over. Most of my plans this year are cancelled, so I can start afresh and maybe do new things.
  11. Studying – it needs done at some point, so this is as good a time as any. Just make sure if you’re studying from home that you put time limits on, so that you feel that you have some free time as well. I try to work somewhere I don’t normally chill, so that I divide between work and relaxing easily.
  12. Reading – its really nice to read something, especially where we have had the sunny weather. It could be a novel or a really interesting article that you wouldn’t normally have time to read.
  13. Get up early – I am getting up early (even though I don’t really need to) and having a nice chilled breakfast, with some music playing. It seems to make me feel more active than having a massive lie in, which is really tempting when I have nowhere to go.
  14. Walks – Boris has told us we can have one outing a day for exercise, so make the most of it. I have been going on dog walks. Just make sure you follow the rules on social distancing (2 metres, stay with people from the same household).
This is my garden, before we’ve started the big clear up – we will have plenty to do I think