Postgraduate life at Surrey

Discover more about what it's like to be a postgraduate student at Surrey.

A Student’s guide to shopping in Guildford

After completing the compulsory self-isolation, I had a long list of items I needed to purchase in order to get all settled into my new life on campus. From kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, to groceries; the list was long and inexhaustible. The big question on my mind was where and how I will find what. […]

Top Tips for Working Remotely as a PhD Researcher

Starting in the PhD programme at the University’s School of Hospitality & Tourism Management in April of 2020 has not quite been the experience that I expected. However, I love my chosen thesis topic about how pet ownership affects tourism and leisure and have been enjoying the reading and research around it. Plus, the University, […]

Looking back to look forward: a semester of COVID-19

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I never would have thought I would go on to study a MSc, never mind trying to do so in the middle of a pandemic! I can confidently say that the past semester has taught me much more than I ever expected from a (pre-COVID) university experience. In the spirit […]

New year reset: How to refresh your study space for a productive Semester 2

During my time at Surrey I have learned how important my study space is for my productivity. Personally, I have always preferred working at home, but, now more than ever, as we are all staying at home due to the pandemic, it is important to make sure we are able to work well at home. […]

Christmas in the time of Covid-19

I have always imagined a white Christmas in the UK and was excited about the possibility of celebrating Christmas differently as an international student far away from home. Despite the pandemic, everything was looking all Christmassy in preparation for the winter holiday on campus and I just couldn’t wait to take a break and take […]

Getting ready for Surrey – Checklist

Getting ready to go to university is always a daunting task, there are so many things to remember. It’s very easy to want to bring everything you own with you (in my first year my I packed my mum’s car to the rafters!), but Guildford is a big town and there are plenty of places […]

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