My first six months on placement at the Students’ Union

Close-up photo of Ivy sitting by the Lake. Ivy is a blond girl with glasses, and she is wearing a blue jumper

Hi everyone, this is Ivy, a Media and Communication student currently on a placement at the Students’ Union. Today’s article is a recap of Semester 1, which is also the first six months of my placement. It’s actually hard to believe that half of my placement has passed already – time really does fly! It’s been a wonderful, fun, slightly crazy semester. Here are the highlights:

Social media content creation

One of the best things about my placement is that it allows me to use my creative skills to create content and manage a variety of social media channels. Exactly what I want to do career-wise! A more general marketing placement would have allowed me to develop a different set of skills, but I’m so happy that I get to do what I love doing!

Below are some of the posts I created this year:

A photo of a Christmas tree with the lights switched on. The text on the image has a neon effect that makes it look similar to the lights. It reads: Hazel Farm Christmas Party. Thursday 8 December, 6 until 8 PM outside the Hazel Farm Common Room.
A Hazel Farm Christmas Party promotional post
Black background with white text giving information about the Outdoor cinema by the Lake and the Lake Bar opening times. Eight films below that text: Top Gun, BlackKKlansman, Paddington, 21 Jump Street, Mamma Mia, Lightyear, and Encanto
A post advertising the films we showed at the Lake during our Freshers’ Week Outdoor Cinema
A blue and yellow background and text saying "Active Refreshers". Date, time and location of the event. At the bottom, a text that encourages people to click the link in the bio to see the full timetable. There are two logos in the 2 bottom corners of the image. Students' Union logo, a black stag head, and the Activity Zone logo, a yellow person running with their hands up,
A post encouraging people to find out more about Active ReFreshers

Uplifting my video editing skills

Another thing which I’m so incredibly grateful that I get to do on my placement is that I am constantly developing my skills. Something I learned this year was how to edit with Premiere Pro.

In case you don’t know, being able to use Premiere, and the Adobe Creative Cloud in general, is a valuable skill that many employers look for in the Marketing and Communications field. Due to the recent trends and demands of the social media networks we use in the Union, I edited a lot of videos, and I’m so happy about it. Knowing how to use this very complicated software is a skill that I will proudly add to my portfolio.

Check out this Instagram reel I edited!

Every day is different

One thing that you need to know about me is that I can’t cope with mundane routines. I can’t imagine doing the same thing every single day for the rest of my life. Which is why I love my placement – because every day, every week, every month, there’s something new.

The Students’ Union is always coming up with different events and campaigns, and I find it so cool that I get to not only advertise them, but also be there, behind the scenes, and help out.

One of the highlights of the semester for me was Freshers’ Fair, where I helped on the Union Stall, met many different clubs and societies, and took photos of their stalls. Yes, it was a long, exhausting day, but it was so worth it.

Two girls posing with rainbow-coloured fans in their hands. The girl on the left is tall and blond, with glasses, wearing white striped shirt and a red coat. The girl on the right is shorter with brown hair. She is wearing a red T-shirt.
Helping at the Union Stall During Freshers’ Fair 2022 – a photo of me (left) and Megan, VP Voice (right)

And here we are now. Semester 2 has already begun, and there are so many things to look forward to. We are starting off strong with Surrey Decides, the Union’s annual elections, followed by One World Week and Varsity. It’s going to be such a fun semester – I simply can’t wait!

The Students’ Union are recruiting for next year

The Student Union are looking for their next content creator placement student. Go to Surrey Pathfinder to see the job advert. You’ll need to apply by 28th Feb!