Working whilst studying & work opportunities at the University of Surrey

Hello everyone! The first week of second semester is nearly over, and honestly, I had a busy week, lectures, seminars, tutorials, labs and meetings lots of meetings! Second semester means new opportunities, new modules and new events. It feels good to be back at university after a relaxing reading week, I’m ready to learn and get engaged in the new activities that university has to offer. On that note, today, we will talk about work opportunities at the University of Surrey and how can university help you to get your dream job.

Working whilst studying

I will explain and share my experience about part-time jobs that the university is offering and other work opportunities in Guildford. Here are some questions that might interest you:

  • Where should I look for part-time jobs?
  • Does university offer any part-time jobs?
  • How to find part-time jobs in Guildford?
  • How to balance working and studying ?

My first suggestion is register with the Unitemps is a university owned employment agency that we have on campus. Once you are registered, they will send you many student oriented jobs in town. This is how I got my job as an International Ambassador, unitemps also offers many work opportunities on campus. Many students work at the Lakeside Coffee Shop, the Hideout and Starbucks. The two main benefits of working on campus is flexibility and salary, you are able to create your own timeslot and decide when you want to work. But if you want to work in town, there are many opportunities to find part-time jobs in the coffee shops, restaurants and shops. My top tips on finding a job in town are starting early and don’t be afraid to come to the store with your CV because they can either hire you on the spot or they will tell you to apply online on their careers website. Balancing your studies and working at the same time is not easy, you have to become a master of time management and because you are in university you won’t have classes from 9am to 6pm plus you have the weekend. Having a part-time job will impress your future employers and will look great on your CV.

Employability opportunities, summer internships, placement year and graduate work opportunities.

The university organises two career fairs one in May and another in October. This is organised especially for students who are looking for graduate roles, internships and placements. Career fairs are fun and you get to communicate with a wide range of employers in any field starting from business to engineering companies.

We also have several workshops that are specifically designed to help you with the interview techniques, CV writing and many others, these workshops are crucial for writing a good CV and preparing for the assessment centres. These career workshops and career services are held at the Hive.

QS World Employability Rankings 2019 have ranked the University of Surrey 1st in the UK and the 7th in the world for work placements and research partnerships with employers. Surrey was also ranked 18th in the UK for the overall employability.

Here at Surrey you will surely find your dream job, just attend some workshops, fairs and make a good use of the opportunities that are offered to you.

Дорогие друзья! Первая неделя второго семестра почти закончилась, и, честно говоря, у меня была напряженная неделя, лекции, семинары и встречи, много встреч! Сегодня я хочу поговорить о возможностях работы, которые может предложить Университет Суррея, и о том, как найти баланс между учебой и работой. Университет организует множество ярмарок вакансий и мероприятий, где вы сможете написать идеальное резюме и найти работу своей мечты. Всем пока и до скорых встреч!