Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Melydia, a final year BSc Business Management student at the University of Surrey. I look forward to sharing my personal experience here at Surrey with you. I cannot recommend this University enough as it really is THE best University to be in. Before coming to undertake my Undergraduate studies, I was working as a Flight Attendant for Singapore Airlines. Those years were the best times of my life. The experience I had gained was priceless and on top of that, I had the amazing opportunity to meet and make friends with people all over the world, many of whom I still stay in touch with. Needless to say, I love travelling and my favourite places are New York, Greece and of course London! Besides travelling, I enjoy doing sports as well, in particular Badminton and Netball. I was a doubles player for the Surrey Badminton Girls team last year and got to compete with several other Universities. I also enjoy listening to music, especially RnB. Since young, I play the Organ instrument and was even fortunate enough to have one in my home to play as and when I felt like.

My daily routine here in Surrey is very much like every other student in University: attending lectures, cooking meals, watching the occasional TV programme, hanging out with friends and most importantly, revision for exams! Of course, I am also involved in several societies as well like the Surrey Singapore Society.  I hope this blog will be helpful in serving as a platform of information for Singaporeans back home who are potentially looking into coming into the University of Surrey for their further studies.