First impressions of Surrey

Being in the University has broadened my horizon and I have gained valuable knowledge and experience especially being an International student. Coming from a small country like Singapore, one of the definite highlights of my experience here has been the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world and understand their respective cultures. Never has there been a day that I had felt ‘alone’ here as everyone, both academics and students, have been so welcoming and open. Facilities such as the Student Support Services and the International Recruitment office have constantly opened their doors to help us with anything we may find difficulties with. I am also very pleased with the fact that the University has a strong Students’ Union, offering a wide variety of societies ranging from Sports to Interest Groups to International societies and more. The University is also one of the highest in the UK for their Placement Opportunities and Graduate Employment rate, which I feel are so essential going onto the working world eventually. Academics here are extremely knowledgeable and are always open to advising students whether it is for their school work or their daily lives.

Being the current Vice-President of the Singapore Society has also allowed me to meet fellow countrymen of which I am fortunate to have the opportunity to guide them in any way I can so that they feel right at home. Some of the many activities we are planning are Christmas and New Year’s dinner, daytrips, Chinese New Year gathering etc. Overall, my University experience here thus far has been a string of exciting moments and learning opportunities and these memories will definitely stay close to heart upon graduation.