Singapore Society Annual Xmas Dinner!


The Singapore Society just had our annual Christmas Dinner last Friday, the 19th Dec in Heart & Soul cafe in the University. For some of us, especially the newly-joined students, it is our first Christmas away from home. The dinner has allowed us to not only celebrate & experience this joyous occasion in the UK, but also to celebrate it with fellow Singaporeans, creating an atmosphere akin to being on the streets of Orchard Road and seeing the beautiful Christmas lights. Being the Vice-President, I feel it is important we know we always have one another and that wherever we are in the world, we will always be Singaporeans. The dinner bonded all of us together, singing Christmas carols, exchanging gifts as part of Secret Santa and of course savouring delicious English Christmas turkey meals! We also played games like Charades and Pictionary as part of our post-dinner program to involve everyone in the fun. What made Charades so interesting was particularly the “Singapore-themed” Charades where we had to describe words associating with Singapore. For example, food found in Singapore like Laksa, Ban Mian or famous TV personality and TV shows such as PCK. I particularly liked the “Singaporean Slang-theme” where typical Singaporean words such as “kiasu”, “gang-ho” &  “bo-jio” appeared. It was so hilarious watching all of us come together trying so hard to describe what seemed so simple to us but so difficult to the guesser! That was such an enjoyable time where everyone had a good laugh!

We ended off with party poppers which was our “mini firecrackers” as a tribute to Singapore where there will be fireworks in the city once the clock hits the 25th. Overall, the dinner bonded all of us together and allowed us to experience a delightful feeling of being in “both parts of the world”.

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