HAPPY 2015!




Happy New Year UK & Singapore!! 🙂

so…IM BACK HOME IN SINGAPORE! YAY! It always feels so good to be home! The moment the pilot announced we have arrived in Singapore, I was smiling ear to ear. HOME SWEET HOME!

First post of the New Year, 2015 and I cant waitttt to start the New Year! 🙂 And of course to share more of life in Surrey with all of you! If you’re Singaporean, you MUST know that its our country’s 50th birthday this year, thus the name SG50. My New Year was celebrated with my family, at a Community Countdown at Punggol by the Pasir Ris-Punggol Constituency. It was an extremely wonderful and assuring feeling, being able to countdown with my family. And of course, the fireworks! My absolute favourite.

Oh, I woke up today, First of January 2015 at 7am local time. (must still be jet lagged!) And suddenly remembered that UK was still in 2014, so I stayed up till it turned midnight for them (8am for us) and joined in their countdown, online! Safe to say that I had, in fact, had two New Year celebrations! 🙂 The fireworks by the River Thames was as usual looked so beautiful, with fireworks shooting out of the London Eye. And so I’ve decided, to usher in the New Year of 2016 in London! (seems too soon to say this now, since we literally just entered into the New Year haha).

What is especially significant and important in 2015 is that this is my GRADUATION YEAR too! Last year in University, gonna make it an awesome & unforgettable one! where of course, studies is of top priority! First Class Honours here I come!

These are a few of the photos I took at the countdown.


Hope all of you are having a good start to the New Year! 🙂