Reading Week

7th Feb 2015

So today marks the end of Reading Week and tomorrow, the start of Second Semester! So exciting!

I had THE best & wildest experience during my short trip to Wales. I TREKKED UP A MOUNTAIN. Yes a whole mountain, all 2907ft of it covered in snow! Called the Pen y Fan, it is the highest peak at the Brecon Beacons National Park. Never in my wildest dream would I ever imagine I would actually make it up to the top, took us 4 hours for the whole climb. It was super duper incredibly windy when we finally arrived at the top, I couldnt even stand up! I kept crouching down to lower my centre of gravity for fear of being blown away by the strong winds. It was so strong that the snow kept hitting our faces! However, it was The most beautiful sight. The clouds were constantly moving, one minute it was foggy ; the next it was bright & sunny and seized the opportunity to take as many photos (including selfies & wefies) as we could! It was dangerous and so scary though, especially cause it was my first time and without prior proper training too! BIG kudos to myself for that!

On another note, second semester of Final Year begins tomorrow! This is the very last Semester of my University life

So heres to an even bigger, more fulfilling and wonderful final Semester ahead! 🙂



IMG_8045                                                                            IMG_8046


IMG_8056                                                                        IMG_8058