10 Days+9 Bags+8 Trips+7 Kinds of Paellas+6 Students+5 Cities+4 Flights+3 Signature Dishes+2 Nationalities+1 Selfie-Stick=AWESOME.

So, I had a pretty awesome Easter Break!

Before I start my incessant story-telling, I must give due warning that I will be uploading plenty of photos, most of which you’ll see me rightttt in the front cos I hold the valuable selfie-stick (also cause I like being the centre of attention).

So 6 of us went to Espanol, the land of Paellas, Tapas, more Paells, more Tapas……..the result? we ALL became rounder, significantly rounder! Hence, we became known as the Spanish All-Rounders. Let me introduce the Spanish All-Rounders : Cheryl, Janjira, Grace, Derek, Sean & Myself. We visited 5 cities, starting off in Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia, Granada and ending off in Seville. Surprisingly, Spain was not as hot as its supposed to be (at times even colder than here) except for Seville which was blazing hot. So nope, no chance for tang-tops nor t-shirts, and most certainly no chance for shorts. So much for looking forward to the beautiful beaches in Ibiza! (Beach lover here) So yep, WE ALL PACKED THE WRONG CLOTHES. Nonetheless, we made do anyhow, hugging each other whenever the bind blew, that sorta thing.

OH and my friend from Singapore happened to be in Barcalona for work and as a beach lover herself, she decided to join us in Ibiza. One very interesting thing that we did in Ibiza was that we rented a NINE-SEATER VAN because that was the only one that could hold 7 of us! Plus, it is left-handed drive in Spain, that certainly did not make our lives any easier. And because my friend and I were the only ones with a drivers license, we became the designated drivers (while the others became “the party of 5 nap-pers”). I reckon Spanish people must reeeeaaally love Ellie Golding & Taylor Swift, “Love me like you do” & “Blank space” were played at least 5 times in that ONE day! National anthem right there. So, we drove down to this place called the Hippy Market (self-explanatory) where we were absolutely inspired and came up with an amazing idea to buy the same beach tangtop with words illustrating that we’re in Ibiza. 100 marks for spontaneity there! We all then changed and drove down to the nearest beach where we shamelessly took photos while inviting countless number of stares. That was certainly one of the highlights of our trip! Another highlight took place in Seville, where we visited 1) the palace (so breathtaking!) where STAR WARS was filmed, 2) another palace where GAME OF THRONES was filmed. Then we attempted to mimick a scene where Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala were “speaking” to each other.We finally did it at the 20th take! Aspiring actors us (Evidence below!)

Monopoly Deal was our best friend, keeping us company every night although I prefer the real monopoly (I like rolling the dice). We were also constantly on the lookout for Asian supermarkets and KFC during our sight-seeing escapades to satisfy our cravings. (You never know how precious things are until you dont have them!). I forgot to mention that Granada is also really well-known for their Piononos! (dome-shaped like puff pastry). I like saying it, P-I-O-N-O-N-OOOOOOOOO.

Uber duper fun trip! I couldnt have asked for a better bunch of people to go travelling with! So much fun, so much laughter, so much memories, so much food and SO MANY SELFIES. To think I thought twice about bringing it!

(fyi, these are just a-hundreth of the photos we actually took)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! 🙂

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