One World Week !

Hey Guys 🙂

Eggy here! Over the past week, Our University dedicated this week to embrace the diversity we have here in Surrey. We have students coming from all walks of lives and this week was a chance for everyone to share their culture and learn about others!

Rubix, the club- area in our campus was transformed into an exhibtion where different societies, representing the different countries set up at different tables, offering samples of food and cultural activities for other students to try out ! Some societies even went all out and wore their traditional costumes which was amazing!

So that’s me and some of my friends at the exhibition! We got to try Malaysian cuisine and Nepalese and that’s just a few of the many other foods we got to try!

Also, did I say that the food was free? Of course no student was going to decline free food. hahah Rubix was filled and everyone was sober… for once ?! hahaha!

This is Filipino society, one of my favourites cause they’re all so sweet! Just like the green coconut pandan dessert they were offering to everyone 🙂

Vietnamese Society had a really interesting dessert that tasted like Jasmine! It almost felt like I was eating the actual flower haha!

On Friday Night, DJ Panjabi was here in Surrey and Rubix was hosting a bollywood night! The whole place was decked out and almost looked like an Indian Wedding, but on a relatively small scale, so my friends said! hahaa

Anyways, that’s all for now! Also, Less than a month before the deadline for my dissertation. RAJSHALKSJ

Hope everyone’s not as stressed as I am 🙂

Eggy x