Student Union Elections, Recap!

Hey Guys,

Eggy here! Things have been crazy around here! My last post was me in Singapore celebrating Chinese New Year and ever since I’ve been back in the UK,  I took one of the biggest steps in my university life that I’d never thought I’d ever take.

I decided to run in the student union elections for VP Support!

So I’m gonna just share my experience with you guys!

It started off with me receiving an email stating that I have been nominated by someone anonymously and that really sparked something in me, that maybe I could represent the student body and make a difference!  (I still have not found out who that mysterious perosn was, but I am so grateful for them giving me that push! haha)

Two days before the deadline for submitting my manifesto, I had to start designing my campaining materials, platforms and decide on a strategy to reach out to students.

Once that was done, I was officially in the running! But it didn’t end there, I started receiving emails from Stag Radio and Stag TV and The Stag magazine (these are all newsletters and broadcasting platforms Surrey has for all students) So I had to prepare for a Radio interview and write a magazine article… all in that week of campaigning.

But the scariest bit of all this campagining had to be the SurreyDecides Panel… this is an event held by the SU, basically over three days, candidaates running for the various positions would be put in the spotlight on a panel and they’ll be grilled on their manifestos and visions they want to implement should they get the position they are running for! So not only is there a live audience watching this panel, but this was livestreamed on youtube! Imagine that!

I was beyond nervous, I was shaking but so ready to smash it out! I met all the other candidates and they were nice but I definitely knew that I wanted this position so badly! My friends were so sweet to be in the audience to support me and just cheer me on… it was such a great feeling to have them there with me. also, because it was livestreamed, my family back home in Switzerland could join in on the fun as well! hahaha

So like I said, I had a campaigning squad, Hasan (My Hypeman), Elisha, Franchesca, Karen, Livvy, Lisa and Tecky! They were all the sweetest people, they helped stick up posters, banners and promoted to their friends and everyone they knew to Vote for Eggy for VP!

The real problem at university was not convinving people to vote for you but actually getting people to vote at all!

But after a week long of campaigning and sticking posters everywhere, the end result was bittersweet.

I came in second place, but I accumulated a total of 1045 votes.

It’s such a bittersweet feeling cause although I did not get the role,

knowing that 1045 students who took the time to vote for EGGY [1] for VP SUPPORT. ♡

I want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you, Im so grateful for the experience, the encouragement and the support from the friendships I have and the friendships I’ve made through this whole campaigning process.

Congratulations to Jess on being your new VP Support for next year, and to all the candidates who ran with me – Sam and Dani, I know the Union will be taken to even greater heights as we all had the University’s best interests at heart.

Here’s some pictures and videos of the entire campaigning process 🙂