Trekking at Shere!

Hello again!

Hope everyone has had a good week since my last post. It has been a week since I last posted. (hopefully, I can keep my blog posts this regular 😂)

It is week 3 now and I am starting to get back into the swing of things after a mini break after the exams in the first semester. This semester feels to be more demanding than the previous semester. However, if I stay on top of my work and revision, I am confident that it will go smoothly.

After my Friday classes, I decided to head to town for some lepak time and managed to catch a wonderful view of the High Street in Guildford. Despite being here for 5 months, the beauty of this town still takes my breath away. Before coming to the UK, I had no experience or any knowledge of how it would be like to live in the UK, or Guildford. After accepting my offer, I spent countless weeks researching about Surrey, the University and Guildford. Looking at all the photos, I thought to myself that it was too beautiful to be true, that it would have to be edited. It was not until I got here that I realised that looked better than all the photos… (honestly, take my word for it 😉)


Over the weekend, I went on a hike with a local couple to a small town, named Shere, about 20 minutes away from the University. By the way, we didn’t just walk up to random people asking if we could go hiking with them haha 🤣 (don’t do that) We met Graham and Liz, a local couple residing in Guildford, through Friends International.

Friends International is a non-profit organisation that hosts fun social events for international students to welcome them to the UK. In case you would like to find out more about Friends International, here is a link! Together with Dwayne and Su Fern, we were welcomed into the home of Graham and Liz for a lovely British meal. We found out that they lead walking trails around Surrey and invited us for a trek. We happily said yes!

So the 5 of us went on a lovely trek around the town of Shere. Unfortunately, it was quite foggy that day but that didn’t hinder us! It was quite an experience to see the British countryside. Nearing the end of the trek, we got some ice-cream from a small ice-cream parlour. I will leave you with a photo of our delicious ice-cream and your other Singapore Ambassador, Dwayne. 😂


Well that is it for me this week, until the next one!🌈 Look forward for the next blog post! I will be going roadtrippin’ with Dwayne and some other Singaporeans to the Cotswolds!

Stay Awesome,
Nicholas Soh