Easter Break and Thorpe Park!!🎑🎒πŸŽͺ

Hey There!

It has been awhile since I posted last, sorry for the delay!πŸ˜… Hope everyone is doing well! We were going through the assignments period before our Easter break! Spring is here and it is beautiful in Guildford! Just walking around, you will be able to see all the blooming of flowers and greenery growing after the colder months of winter!

If you weren’t aware, we have a Singapore Society (SingSoc) here in Surrey! It is a little home, away from home. To let off some steam, the SingSoc had a bowling event at Spectrum Leisure Centre. It was really nice to just have a little time off the assignment/revision grind and have a little chill sesh with our fellow Singaporeans!

In April, we had our Easter break! During the break, I managed to get a bunch of things in order! Firstly, I saw it as an opportunity to get my accommodation for next year sorted. (the dreaded topic of the accommodation searchπŸ˜–) This is definitely an area that us, Singaporeans, are not privy to experiencing. We had to set up viewings with property agents and visit various different properties. It was like window shopping but for properties! It was quite an interesting experience! Definitely something you don’t get back home! After a couple days of viewings, we finally found a place that we felt at home! [+1 Adulthood] HAHA 😁😁

In the middle of the Easter Break, my friends and I made our way to Thorpe Park! It is a theme park in Surrey! Thankfully, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and the sun was out 🌞! The park was as big as Universal Studios Singapore with so many rides! If you know me, I love my roller coasters 🎒 !! We spent the whole day at Thorpe Park, ride after ride after ride!!Β It was an absolute blast! I will definitely be back for more! My personal highlight was definitely going on Stealth. It is UK’s fastest roller coaster, going from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds! (for reference it is the top left photo) Although spending the whole day at Thorpe Park, we were not able to get on all the rides. (which is another excuse to go again! hehe)

Anyways, the Easter break is over and we are back to our normal timetabling, back to the grind! It is our last stint before the final examinations. After that, it will be the long awaited Summer break! That means, back to Singapore! It is crazy to think that I have been here for a total of 7 months already, and I am going back home in another 2 months time! Excited to see my friends and family and have all the Singaporean dishes again! Oops, getting hungry again!πŸ˜–

Till next time! Do check out Dwayne’s blog of his travels (and the food) over Easter! We will try to be more consistent

Prata Dreamin,
Nicholas Soh