🍜Some Food Ideas

Hello everyone! These are some dishes I have prepared. I’m not good at cooking but these are really simple dishes I tried to whip up. Especially during this pandemic, it is important to eat healthy and hopefully you can try these out yourselves or improve on them!

❶ French Toast + Yogurt🍞

This breakfast dish is filling and sweet. To make the french toast, depending on the number of slices you intend to have, you crack some eggs and whisk them. I cracked two eggs and whisked them with half a cup of milk (or you could just eyeball it) and a dash of cinnamon powder. Dip your bread into the whisked egg mixture and make sure all the sides are evenly covered. Then, you heat up the pan and spread some butter across its surface. Drop the slices onto the pan and wait until your desired result. After it’s done, you can add any topping or syrup you like. Along with this, I had some yogurt with fruits.

❷ Spicy Cod Pasta🍝

This dish is really simple to make and I enjoy eating it a lot. Since tasting this spicy cod sauce, I have not returned to tomato sauce based pasta. First, you can get the spicy cod sauce off any Asian supermarket online by the brand “S&B”. It comes with two portions of the seaweed flakes and sauce. Second, boil the pasta how you would normally. Then, drain the pasta and mix the sauce in. Lastly, sprinkle the seaweed flakes on top. You could add meat in this dish for example I added sausages here. I also decided to add salad on the side.

❸ Smoked Salmon Toast🥪

This dish is probably my favourite. You could have it for any meal. To prepare the toast is really fast and simple. Because I don’t have a toaster, I heat up the pan, spread some butter on and place the toast on. This will make it taste buttery and make it crispy. To prepare the smoked salmon, I place it in the pan for a few seconds (or you could just have it as it is when you bought it from the store). Next, I cooked a sunny-side up egg to put into the sandwich. I also cooked some scrambled eggs on the side with the salad (and accidentally poured in too much pepper). This took about 10 minutes to prepare😊

I hope this was fun to read and maybe prepare. Of course you could add any other ingredients you want or change it up but these are the three dishes I enjoy eating🐸

See you in the next blog,