Hello everyone!

After a long summer, we are back!

A warm welcome to uni to all new students in campus, as well as the returning ones. It’s really nice to see so many new and familiar faces around again.

In the University of Surrey they understand that this first weeks can be really tough for all those people living alone for the first time, for every student that is now starting to apply their placement year, or just anyone having a hard time starting routine again… and it’s normal, we all have our little problems.

However, do always remember that the uni is here for you, and please make sure you take advantage of all that help provided around. We all deserve to live an amazing experience in Surrey, no matter which our struggles might be.

Considering that, I decided to do a recap of some of the helps and services available around. Hope it helps!

If you are not feeling well:
• Health and wellbeing centre: as a Surrey student you are fortunate in having easy access to health and wellbeing services. You just need to register with the NHS to benefit from these services. The university wants you to be healthy and happy during your time at Surrey, and your physical and emotional health is important and looking after them will ensure you get the most out of university life.
• Student Mentors: all students new to Surrey are allocated a mentor, who is a continuing student. Student Life mentors are there ti help students settle in, make friends and act as an approachable and accessible point of contact during the year.

If you are having difficulties with studies or job related questions:
• Additional Learning Support: if you have a disability or a specific learning difference, ALS can offer you a wide variety of support and adjustments.
• SPLASH: the Student Personal Support and Learning Hub is a student-centred area designed to enhance your study. Student Learning Advisors can assist you in improving your writing, presenting, revision, time management or any other academic skills.
• Employability and Careers centre: this department includes a wide range of support, including confidential one-to-one advice on careers options and recruitment processes, and Quick Query sessions if you want to drop-in for advice about your CV/job application.

Some extra help:
• Students Service Centre: we think of the Students Service centre as a “first-stop shop”. If you don’t know where o go, come here. The staff are trained to deal with a wide range of enquiries, and they are the key source of information on many University services. If they don’t know how to help you, they will direct you to someone who can.
• Chaplaincy: the university is a multi-faith and multi-cultural community, which I personally believe is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. Regarding this, there is a chaplaincy that offers the provision of worship and spiritual practices, one-to-one pastoral care and the promotion dialogue and peaceful co-existence between people of different faith and believe.

I´ll end this post with a beautiful picture of our University lake I took on Monday morning on my way to the lectures:)