4 ways to make the most of the winter holidays

The winter holidays may seem like a big, open break for students, but there are lots of things to be thinking about during Christmas that are tempting to ignore. Here are 4 ways you can make the most of the holidays as a student and also set yourself up well for the new year…



Guildford high street looking Christmassy.


  1. Get into the Christmas spirit in Guildford

2109752213_9f8859ea15_zBefore lots of students go home for Christmas, there’s lots going on in Guildford to get involved with to get into a bit of a festive mood.

(If you are not a Surrey student, you can do these things in your local town!)

Some popular ideas lots of Surrey students do include having a flat Christmas meal where everyone contributes, or Secret Santa with your flat/ friendship group.

Also lots of clubs and societies host their own christmas parties, so if you are a member of anything keep an eye out for a christmas meal.

This year Guildford Christmas lights switch on takes place in the town on Thursday 15 November.

On Wednesday 5 December 6-8pm there is also a free Christmas Carol Service at Guildford Cathedral.


The inside of Guildford Cathedral.


  1. Don’t forget to study (a bit!)

Many of us have January exams and deadlines. Use the holidays to factor in work and play. Make a schedule of when you need to work and for how long, but don’t forget to factor in fun Christmas ideas and time with family and friends.

Kirsten’s article on How to Deal with Stress has some really useful tips about how to balance workload whilst enjoying your time at Surrey, which can definitely be applied to the holiday period!


Terry’s pond on campus in the snow.


  1. Want to earn some extra money?

Christmas is a great time to get a seasonal job in the hours that are usually filled with lectures and study sessions.

There are often lots of Christmas jobs going in Guildford if you’re staying for the holidays, or if not you could look into job openings for when you are back home.

I know quite a few Surrey students myself who have got seasonal work over the holidays, especially in big department stores.


This can be an especially great way to give a little boost to your student budget, especially with Christmas overtime pay… £££.


  1. Catch up with loved ones

There’s so much going on over the holidays, but at the core this is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family back home and enjoy spending time with them!

If your other friends have gone to uni as well, now is an ideal time to meet up and exchange stories about your student life when everyone is likely to be around.


I hope this got you thinking about how to make the most of the winter holidays. (I’ll be doing my best to take this advice myself!)

It’s a juggling act so don’t forget to give yourself time to relax and unwind. It’s all about striking a balance by enjoying the time off and making the most of the opportunity for a rest.

Have a lovely break!