Home comforts for Christmas

Christmas really is fast approaching, and I don’t know about you but for me that raises alarms in my head. I panic, thinking about all the assignments that I at least need to start before the end of term, to lessen the pressure at Christmas. I also panic slightly about how quickly semester is going – and don’t even get me started on Christmas shopping (that’ll probably happen on Christmas Eve…).

For me though, the Christmas break is definitely something to look forward to. We all go back to different home situations, many students don’t go home at all, and many are already home, being commuting students. For me, going home is all about spending time with my family, having a cup of tea with my mum, going for walks with my dad, binge-watching Doctor Who with my older sisters and babysitting my little nephews. For those who have stuck it out all term in halls or their first (freezing cold) student house, you might perk up at the mention of these additional 15 top home comforts:

  1. A dishwasher
  2. A human dishwasher (i.e. somebody at home who cleans up after you, for those particularly lucky students)
  3. The long-awaited reunion with your pet/s (cat owners, am I right?!)
  4. Being back in your home town, and the lovely reminiscent feeling you get when Christmas shopping!
  5. Carol services (and mulled wine and warm mince pies!)
  6. Being in a warm, un-damp house
  7. Not being kept awake by other students
  8. Lie-ins
  9. The beach (if you live near the beach, that is…)
  10. Seeing family
  11. Seeing non-Uni friends
  12. Being told you need feeding up
  13. Being fed at every possible moment
  14. A bath!
  15. A TV (and a TV license…)

They’re a few personal favourites, but I think it’s also really good to remember this Christmas that not everybody will/can go home. Many international students will be staying on campus over the holidays, and spending their first Christmas without their families. Some students don’t actually have family to welcome them home. So make sure you plan those Christmas meals in your flat and start the celebrations early before going home! If you know someone who has to stay in Guildford over Christmas you could even invite them to stay at your home…why not?

Don’t forget to check out Carols at Rubix and the University Carol Service at Guildford Cathedral (Wed 14th December) which are both free events perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit. The Harry Potter society is even hosting a “Yule Ball” in early December! (More info here)

I hope you have a great last few weeks of term, get the most out of everything at Uni because trust me – you will miss it over Christmas!

Until next time,


Lovely Guildford in winter