What Christmas means to me

It has just turned December, which means Christmas songs on the radio, lights on the High Street and the public ownership of decorations is now socially acceptable. The road to December 25th has begun!

As a child, receiving gifts from Santa was by far the most compelling part of this time of year. Writing my Christmas wish list and posting it to the North Pole was always a highlight. Leaving a carrot out for Rudolph and a mince pie, accompanied by (rather suspiciously) my Father’s favourite tipple of Whiskey for Santa on Christmas Eve. Then came the sleepless night, literally bursting with excitement and anticipation, as morning couldn’t come soon enough! Finally, the mad dash down the stairs to see in our living room, he’d been, Father Christmas had been to our house!

These were my earliest memories of Christmas as a child. Now many may say that Christmas, really, is for the kids most of all. However, I have to say that I enjoy Christmas now as an adult, far more than I did as a child.

Once I began to grow up and start earning my own money I discovered the greatest feeling of them all… giving to others.
As a child, this never crossed my mind. It was receiving gifts from Santa that made Christmas what it was. Nowadays, everything is different, because I discovered something better.

I look back now to my early Christmases at home and amongst all of the memories I’ve already shared, the main image in my mind is the joy on the faces of my parents, as I squealed with delight in my PJ’s. When I was happy, they were happy, the big difference was, they were responsible for that joy.

Bringing joy to others is the best gift you can give yourself this year. I’m not just talking about buying something for someone else; it can be as simple as a smile, a compliment, anything at all that lets someone know you are thinking of them.

Never underestimate the power of bringing joy into the world. That’s what Christmas means to me.

To everyone, Merry Holidays and a Happy New Year.