Places to study on campus

When the exam period rolls around, it’s all the more important that you find an effective place to study. Sometimes it’s better to not study in your bedroom and to separate your work from your sleep. The university offers plenty of great places that can fit everyone’s study needs!


The library is the most obvious place that you can study. With over 2300 study spaces there is plenty of room for you to get all of your revision in. There are 5 different floors that all have a specific dedication to cater for all revision types. For example level 4 is dedicated to group study (great for group project assignments) where as level 2 is partly individual study and then also some silent study.

The library also offer lots of support services so if you don’t know how to reference or need some help with structuring your essay, the SPLASH service will help you out.

Remember that the library is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so you can study whenever you like!


The Hive is a newly built study space, mainly dedicated to social study. It has a range of different areas and tables with a built in kitchenette. It also houses the student services support team. 

It’s a great new space to study. If you prefer individual study then you can easily put your headphones in and carry on silently studying.


If you prefer a more relaxed, people watching study space, then somewhere like a coffee shop might be better for you. We have many food outlets on campus however, some of the best for studying are Starbucks and The Hideout. In these areas you can grab a coffee and get on with some great revision!

Library+ (AC Building)

When exam season rolls around, the library does tend to get quite busy. Therefore the library open additional study spaces in the AC Building, something called Library+. These are classrooms that anyone can use for any study type. Whether you want to practice a presentation, get on with writing an essay or make some flash cards, this is a great all round additional space!

Overall, make sure you change up your revision techniques and study spaces to make it more enjoyable. Studying in a place that isn’t your room may make the whole experience easier as you’re separating your work space and your relaxing space. The university have some great spaces for you to be productive so really there are no excuses!