Staying in touch during isolation

Hello, I would first like to say that I hope you are all okay in this uncertain time. Everyone reading this, know that you are not alone and understand that everyone is going through the same strange, unknown and completely unprecedented situation, and it is okay if you are not feeling your best. Breathe and just give yourself time.

Aren’t you glad we don’t have to send letters anymore?

With the internet being such a big part of our lives, it is an obvious source of communication and I am sure that you already keep up with your closest friends through apps like messenger, Instagram and twitter. Don’t forget that texting and phoning is what phones were originally for – sometimes these can be a bit more personal and meaningful. Maybe take the time to call that friend who you haven’t spoken to for a while to check they are doing alright, or maybe contact your nan. That message or phone call could really make someone’s day and shows that you are thinking of them.

Lend a listening ear to those who may be struggling

If you feel open to it and are sure it wouldn’t negatively affect you, maybe you could think about posting a little message on Facebook to your real-life friends, checking in and making sure that they are coping. You could say that you are there and open to answer a message, but only if you are not vulnerable yourself. Isolation will create a lot of distress, loneliness, tension and will be a difficult time for many, so just knowing that there are loved ones out there to support you or lend a listening ear can really help.

Host a virtual House Party

Video chats are obviously a great way to keep in touch too, as it feels like everyone is in the same room together. There is a great new app called ‘Houseparty’ where you can chat in groups and play games like ‘Quick draw’, ‘heads up!’ and do trivia as well; to get the conversation going and keep it exciting.

Put your friends to the test

Another great idea is to create your own virtual quiz! This is easy to do either using a website called ‘Kahoot’ where you can send your friends the code once it has been created. Or ‘MyQuiz’ which I recently tried – it is interactive and can be played in real-time with each other; someone creates the questions and then everyone gets involved and plays to win! Both of these are free and easy to use, kahoot even has a phone app.

Don’t forget who you are living with

Now, enough about social media and virtual contact, and onto those who you are living with. It is probably tough to wake up, work, socialise, eat and just be with your household 24/7, but it’s something that we are all going to learn to adapt to. Give yourself time, and make sure that you allow yourself your own space too; don’t be afraid to step away from the lounge one night, just to give yourself time to process it all.                                                                                                            

But, this is also a great opportunity to be able to spend time with your family without restraint – no other plans getting in the way! Maybe organise a fajita night, games, a quiz or movie night, or even a disco! Making a little plan is a great way to get everyone involved. The evening is a time to wind down and relax after a day of work, so have fun with it! Also, give your family a chance, dynamics can get quite heightened from being in each other’s space all the time, but allow them some credit.

That’s all from me. I really hope that everyone stays safe and well and uses these tips so that no one feels alone. Don’t forget the power of contact; physical isolation doesn’t have to mean social isolation.