Become a Brand Ambassador for J.P. Morgan

Want to be the face of J.P. Morgan on campus? 

Joao Miguel Rodrigues Pereira

What does being a Brand Ambassador mean?

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll be in charge of spreading the word about J.P. Morgan and what they have to offer to students. The role of a brand ambassador is to spread awareness of the roles and opportunities available at a company. For example, I was scrolling through Surrey Pathfinder and saw the variety of positions open, one of which was the brand ambassador. I’ve always been passionate about interacting with new people and making new friends, so I saw this as an exciting opportunity to interact with new people and promote a well-known company.

What do you get in return?

★ You will be paid for your work

★ You will receive x 2 days in the J.P. Morgan London office being trained and upskilled (Covid-19 permitting)

★ You’ll get to network and build relationships with several people from J.P. Morgan

★ You will build brilliant skills for your future & CV

★ Building your confidence and networks on campus

★ Have personalised help with your application to J.P.Morgan

★ Opportunity to earn bonuses along the way and a campaign completion prize!

What was your application process like?

The application process was decently competitive. The first stage involved answering a series of written questions: why would you like to work for JP Morgan, what skills you have, et cetera. The next step revolved around making a 2-minute video explaining why they should pick you, and the goal was to make the footage somewhat creative. I made my video in the style of a talk show interview.

Finally, I was selected to have an interview with our current manager, who asked us a series of questions. Here we got to explain the people we knew, the types of events we’d like to host and how to promote the brand further. Along with this, I reflected on how I would encourage the brand online during COVID. Usually, brand ambassadors would be around campus and could talk to students and have in-person events, but this is very different now.

Why J.P. Morgan?

At J.P. Morgan, we are committed to helping businesses and markets grow and develop in more than 100 countries. Over the last 200 years, we have evolved to meet the complex financial needs of some of the world’s largest companies and many of the smaller businesses driving industry change globally and locally.

Our people work hard to do the right thing for our clients, shareholders and the firm every day. Joining us means you’ll learn from our experts in a supportive and collaborative team environment where you will be supported to make an immediate impact from the start.