One World Week at University of Surrey: Embracing diversity and inclusivity

One World Week is a global event that inspires individuals to take action and create positive change for a better future for everyone. The week-long celebration is aimed at raising awareness and knowledge of worldwise issues, such as poverty, environmental degradation, and injustices, and promoting cooperation, compassion, and collective action.

For Universities, including the University of Surrey, One World Week is an essential event that highlights the significance of diversity and inclusivity in our society. The week provides a unique opportunity for students and staff to come together and celebrate the richness of different cultures, learn from each other, and foster a sense of community.

The University of Surrey Students’ Union has done an exceptional job in organising various events throughout the week that cater to different interests and preferences. The week kicked off with a sushi-making class, which brought new students together to learn about the meaning behind traditional foods and the culture that surrounds them.

On Tuesday, a yoga class was held at the roundhouse chaplaincy, providing a relaxing and meditative experience for anyone who attended. The evening was followed by the One World Exhibition, which offered an opportunity to learn about different faiths, cultures and subcultures represented on campus. The event also featured food from different parts of the world and cultural wear and artefacts.

Mid-week a community litter pick was organised to promote sustainability and engage the local community. In the evening, the student nightclub was Rep Your Flag themed, where students wore their flag colours or painted flags on themselves to celebrate diversity.

Hari’s Challenge Pub Quiz was on Thursday, a fun approach to the end of the academic week while also testing your knowledge on a range of topics, including world cultures.

Tonight, the One World Gala is being held at GLive, which promises to be the highlight of the week. The event offers a fantastic opportunity to experience a diverse range of performances by cultural societies, including traditional and contemporary music, dance, and theatre. The event showcases the best of Surrey’s cultural diversity, with stunning costumes and elaborate choreography, and promises to be a dazzling spectacle.

Overall, One World Week is an essential event that celebrates inclusivity and diversity, highlighting the unique cultures that make up our world. It provides an opportunity for students and staff to learn from each other, engage with the local community, and foster a sense of belonging.

The Students’ Union has done an outstanding job in organising a wide range of events that appeal to different interests and preferences, making One World Week an exciting and memorable experience for all involved.

Sushi-Making Class at Young’s Kitchen
Library Curator Project by Mowi, Support Zone PTO