Welcome to Surrey’s Law Society

Hello and welcome to the University of Surrey’s Law Society, the perfect place for anyone studying law and for those simply interested in law!

About us

We are a safe space for you to not only socialise with other law students, but also develop your legal skills, meet professionals and legal experts, learn about the industry and the profession, and bolster your CV with competition success and essential workshop opportunities. This is all acquired within our three different zones: Social and Support Zone, Competitions Zone, and Professional Development Zone.

Social and Support Zone

Our Social and Support Zone is where all event planning takes place. This year we have had a number of bar crawls, movie nights, mock trials, and our most anticipated event of the year, our Annual Law Ball. Within this zone, we also have our Support and Wellbeing team who offer a mentoring scheme in which members of our committee volunteer as mentors for students who would like extra support.

Competitions Zone

In our Competitions Zone, we have multiple legal competitions and workshops such as our mooting competition which entails a mock debate in any second-instance court, as well as weekly negotiations workshops. We will also be introducing a client interviewing workshop later this semester.

Professional Development Zone

In our Professional Development Zone, our Law Clinics Officer works closely with the Amicus Clinic to bring our members the opportunity to work in real-world law, helping in a weekly pro-bono clinic. Our Careers Officer also works hard to put out up to date information on training contracts and vacation schemes that our students are eligible to apply to.

Benefits of joining

Whether you are a member of the society or on the committee, the society boasts so many benefits:

  • Annual mooting competition, a competition close to my heart as I competed in my first year and made it to the Supreme Court for the final! I cannot recommend participating in this competition enough, as it has given me such a confidence boost in my degree work, as well as building on my public speaking skills.
  • Weekly negotiations workshop
  • Client interviewing workshops
  • Opportunity to work in real-world law, helping in a weekly pro-bono clinic
  • Boost your legal skills and CV
  • Connect with other law students across the years

My experience

As the Social Secretary, I have gained so much valuable experience from all the different factors that play a part in hosting events as small as movie night to the huge scale that is Law Ball.

A big part of my job is also learning how to liase with so many different kinds of people – from bar managers to DJs and hotel event planners. Trying to coordinate with so many different people and places alongside my studies has definitely been a challenge at times, but it has been incredibly rewarding and equipped me well for the future.

How to join

If this sounds like the society for you, you can sign up on our Students’ Union website.

To keep informed about what we’re up to, make sure to follow us on our socials:




You can find our website here, and you can get in touch with us at ussu.law@surrey.ac.uk.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!