Welcome to Surrey’s Tourism, Hospitality and Events Society

We are Hannah and Hannah, the 2023/24 Co-Presidents of the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Society (T.H.E) here at the University of Surrey and we are delighted to share what we are all about!

2023/24 Committee

Networking events

Our society brings like-minded individuals together to connect, collaborate and grow personally and professionally.

At the core of our society is networking; we recognise the importance of creating connections with industry professionals and exploring potential avenues for future employment. With this in mind, T.H.E Society hosts several engaging and valuable careers and employment events throughout the year to help aid students in their career development. A few examples of these include:

Careers evening with industry and alumni panel

In November, we were joined by six different companies who shared their placement and graduate opportunities with students. We then hosted an alumni panel where students had the opportunity to ask questions about their post university experiences and career journey.

Careers fair

Each March, a wide array of tourism, hospitality and events companies join us in Lakeside Restaurant for our biggest networking event of the year. This is a great opportunity for students to expand their professional connections and speak to industry leaders offering varied placement and graduate opportunities. This year’s career fair will be hosted on Wednesday 6th March!

Social events

As Hospitality enthusiasts, we love to chat and socialise over a glass of wine (or two!). Throughout the year we love to arrange informal socials with peers and lecturers, to give the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management staff and students a chance to unwind and catch up!

Over the years, we have organised wine evenings, in collaboration with the Food and Wine Society, and nights out in town! It’s a great opportunity to engage with students from all years, share valuable insights, and form lasting friendships.

Collaboration with Food and Wine Society

End of year celebrations

We also understand the importance of celebrating success! Every couple of years, we organise an end of year Summer Ball. This has been one of our favourite events to host, as it allows all students across SHTM to come together and celebrate the success of the academic year and socialise with both course mates and lecturers. It’s a great excuse for everyone to dress up and party! 

The last Summer Ball was hosted in May 2022 at the Mandolay Hotel in Guildford. We were joined by a huge number of students and lecturers from all years of study from first year to masters! This was especially exciting as it was the first big event since the pandemic for T.H.E Society. We have shared below some of our favourite pictures from the amazing evening:

How to join us?

Unlike conventional societies here at the University of Surrey, we operate under the support and guidance of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Therefore, there is no membership required to join us! Instead, we eagerly announce all upcoming events on our Instagram, @the.societysurrey.

For those embarking on their journey with the SHTM cohort in September, we extend a warm invitation to follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with all events and activities planned for the upcoming academic year. It’s never too early to begin start thinking about your future career and building your network.

We have loved being part of the T.H.E Society as it has been a great opportunity to learn about planning exciting events, working as a team, actioning students’ suggestions, and making valuable connections. We would love to see a range of new faces from all academic years on our society committee! If any current or prospective students are interested in joining the 2024/25 committee we have a range of roles available: President, Social Media and Marketing, Events Coordinator, and general committee members.