Budgeting and earning money alongside your degree

It can be hard to keep track of your money, especially with the current cost of living crisis, so here are some tips and advice on making the most of your budget and earning money alongside your degree.

First, let’s go through some of the options you can use to help yourself stay on top of your finances whilst at university.


Having two separate bank accounts 

This is a technique I use to keep track of my spending and help stop myself going over budget. I have two accounts: a main bricks-and-mortar bank account (NatWest) and an online account (Monzo).

Every week, I transfer a small amount from my main account to my online one to help me limit spending. I then use this amount for everyday spending for the week, such as hot drinks, bus fare and small purchases. On my Monzo app, I can keep track of my spending and see where my money is going and if I need to cut back on any unnecessary expenses. As I only put a small amount in my Monzo account, I also find it really helpful because it discourages me from overspending and helps me stay on budget. This is particularly useful for nights out, as it stops you from overspending on drinks, but it’s also a good idea to have some emergency cash in your bag if you need to get a taxi back home. 

Club cards for supermarket discounts

You can sign up for member cards at your local supermarket to get offers and discounts on products. This is a great way to save money on your weekly food shop. A lot of these supermarkets also have apps that you can download so if you forget your physical card, you can still use it via your phone. 

Buying reduced food

Keep an eye out for reduced food when you go shopping. The expiry date will usually be for that day but check if you can freeze it and save it for another day. I use this technique a lot when food shopping as it can save money and cut down on food waste. 

Surrey Moves

This is an app that tracks your steps and gives you points for your activity. You can then use these points to claim rewards such as 50% off university coffee, free water bottles and enter giveaways. It’s also fun to compete with your friends on the leader board.

Create a budget plan

A good way to set your monthly budget is to keep a track of your student loans dates and calculate roughly how much money you can allocate to yourself per month. You can use a spreadsheet if you like or even just notes on your phone to calculate your monthly budget. I then recommend using the two bank accounts technique to transfer your weekly allowance to a separate bank account to help limit overspending. 

Earning money alongside your studies 

Part time work can be a great way to earn some extra money and gain professional experience whilst studying at Surrey. 

Work on campus 

You can get a part time job on campus such as working behind the bar at Rubix, in one of our many coffee shops or at Simply Fresh, our small on campus supermarket. This option makes it really easy and convenient to get to work after lectures as they’re all located on Stag Hill campus. 

Student Ambassador 

This option is great for flexibility while studying as you can choose your hours and put yourself forward for jobs that fit around your schedule. The University recruits new ambassadors at the start of every academic year to do promotional work such as open days, campus tours and applicant days. You also have the opportunity to travel to local schools and talk to students about Surrey, university life and higher education. 


This is the online student platform where you will complete your timesheets for any work you have completed with the university. You can log your hours which will then be approved. There is also the Unitemps office on Stag Hill campus where you can go if you have any questions or queries.

Hope you enjoyed learning about these money saving tips and ideas for part time work!