Life in Guildford

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The life in Guildford is very exciting and relaxing. Initially, as mentioned in previous blogs, I saw the beauty of the nature from my accommodation in Hazel Farm. There are so many green spaces where students can take a deep breath, feeling the quality of the fresh and clean air. The accommodation is isolated from the main road, and it is 10-15 minutes away by car from town centre and the University of Surrey. That is why the air is clean and helps preserve the individual health due to the distance from more polluted areas with congestion. This is extremely beneficial because students have the opportunity to live and relax at the same location, just a few steps away from their flat. The wildlife is another valuable feature. The squirrels are constantly looking for hazelnuts and can be seen from the windows from the accommodation, jumping and playing on the ground. The speed with which they move around the houses is incredible. This serves as a great source of entertainment, which does not require the use of technical devices such as phones and computers. There are benches with tables where students can sit and enjoy the nature. In fact, if students use bicycles, there are many designated areas around Hazel Farm where they can leave them after a nice tour around the town.  

Hazel Door Mouse and Red Squirrel face extinction - Good Gardeners  International
Good Gardeners International (2021)

Another place, which I often visit, is the lake at Surrey. It is next to the Duke of Kent Building, which resembles a big ship, and the view is picturesque. In the lake students can see a large number of geese and ducks, gracefully floating on the lake with their little ones. It is an amazing experience. The ducks/geese usually come out of the lake and walk on the pedestrian pathway fearlessly, demonstrating confidence and calmness. When I sit on one of the benches, I can hear some of them making different sounds and I see others eating grass, which hangs from their bills. They are beautiful creatures, and they help during periods of great pressure to eliminate the stress, coming from studies. Moreover, the town centre offers great places for relaxation. The statue of a Surrey scholar, holding books in one hand and a mortarboard hat in the other one, is one of the most attractive features of the town centre. The scholar reminds people that Guildford is a place where student life is present due to the existence of great institutions such as the University of Surrey and other colleges, preparing pupils for higher education. It is a vivid statue, which resembles a real person and creates a friendly atmosphere. There is also the Guildford Castle, with a view of the entire town and a beautiful green area. Taking a breath at the top of the hill, where the castle is situated, is very nice and leads to a state of complete calm and peace.   

File:The Surrey Scholar, Guildford.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Peel, M. (2009)
The Surrey Scholar statue – Town Centre – Guildford

On the other hand, there are many bookshops where people can choose from a variety of books. Students can find textbooks and stationery, which would be beneficial for most of them. Furthermore, there are many restaurants and cafes, for those who want to meet with friends or prefer eating outdoors. The Friary shopping centre is also present with different shops for clothing, food, phones, etc. Thus, town centre is where students can find most of the items they need. Different services such as haircuts and manicure are provided as well. Hence, life in Guildford can be very peaceful, while at the same time, it can be a source of motivation to study and enjoy the journey. 

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