Γειά σας! Hello everyone! My name is Nick, I am from Athens, Greece and I am a first year International Hospitality Management Student at the University of Surrey. As this is my first post in this blog I would like to welcome you all, make an introduction of myself and a sneak peek of what is going to follow in next posts. So as I said I study hospitality, a sector that I was passionate with for years. When I started thinking about Higher Education, I found out that Surrey is one of the top universities in the UK and the world for what I wanted so I decided to apply and now here I am! Currently, I am staying in student accommodation and more specifically in Manor Park (university’s second campus apart from the main one, Stag Hill). Besides academic life, the past 4 years I’ve been doing archery and at the moment I am a member of the archery club of Team Surrey (which by the way has a variety of other sports as well). As I am very outgoing, I wanted to get involved in as many University activities as I could so I became a member of the Hellenic Society, a member of the Food and Wine Society, a Course Representative and an International Student Ambassador. These are not even half of what you can do in order to get involved in uni and I am planning on explaining each individually in next posts. Moreover, this blog is going to contain aspects of my everyday life that reflect the lifestyle of a student at the University of Surrey, things that will be useful if you are planning on studying here and of course the Greek side of Surrey and Guildford (the town in which the university is located). This blog is currently used by me and another Greek student Theodora. We are really looking forward to sharing our experiences with you throughout this academic year!