Working whilst at uni!

Hello (γεια!) and welcome again to the blog Surrey Meets Greece!

Today’s topic is about working whilst being a full-time undergraduate student! Working whilst studying is achievable and can provide an excellent experience for your CV as well as references you can use for any future jobs.

I currently have two jobs at university however both are excellent in that I choose my hours and my shifts which is perfect as my schedule can get quite busy. Luckily both jobs are on campus and via Unitemps. It is very important to find a job that fits your schedule and will not affect your studies. I personally prefer jobs on campus as they are the most flexible and only tend to be open during term time allowing you to happily travel home over any breaks without having to take any holiday.

My first job is working at Wates House, our campus bar which serves an amazing array of cocktails and a yummy selection of meals to suit all appetites. I love working here because it is a friendly environment and the shifts fit around my timetable. It is a very relaxed environment and I even come on days when I am off shift to chill with friends and have some evening fun!

My second job is as a Student Ambassador which means I represent Surrey to prospective students. As part of this job you get to do an array of activities and no week is the same. This is a perfect job as you get to meet a lot of people and are allowed to be more creative, such as writing your own blogs and guiding your own campus tours! I also like this role because of the flexibility it offers and the fact it is not overwhelming to balance between studies (which is so important as I will mention below).

My main advice when finding a job is to consider a few factors before choosing and applying.

  1. When would you be required to work! See what suits you and your timetable. Is the job flexible to work with you during term time? Will they be happy to accommodate when you are away visiting your family (as a Non-UK student this is crucial).
  •  Avoid working late night shifts if you’ve got a lecture the next morning (trust me you will regret this) and avoid working an early shift if you’ve been out late the previous night. This is the biggest advice anybody can give you
  • The pay! See what the rates are like and see if you get any holiday pay. University jobs offer a very good pay-rate and a holiday pay on top of that. This is amazing if you are saving up for something or simply wanting any extra money.
  • Put mental health first! Often a lot of people forget how crucial keeping check on mental health is. Burnout is a common occurrence and with university already being a challenge you should definitely see if getting a job will affect that. It is ok to sometimes reduce time spent at work if you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t forget to speak up if something is affecting you.
  • What type of jobs! If you have worked before you should definitely create a CV to showcase your experience to potential employers. Start by looking at the well known websites such as Indeed and Unitemps which advertise plenty of opportunities for part time work. Other advice would be to ask around and see what is available. A lot of businesses advertise on their social media as well so keep an eye out for any opening which may be of interest to you.

Finally, have fun! University is not just about to work its also about experiencing life and meeting new people.