Study-social life balance

Heyyy guys, it’s Nick and Surrey meets Greece! Since I came to uni I’ve been facing the problem of maintaining a good  balance between social life and studying. As soon as I arrived I was partying and clubbing all the time which made me ignore my studies and ruin my sleep schedule. Now that I am back for semester 2 I’ve promised myself not to let me lose control again and focus more on my studies rather than staying awake overnight. Because of that I am taking the initiative to talk to you about some tips that helped me to overcome that issue:

It is really helpful for me to make notes for my assignments in order to make the appropriate plans everyday
  1. Going out on weekdays isn’t the best thing to do; As Rubix ( the Students’ Union club) is also open on Wednesdays except for the weekend I was going there every time! Even though it was so much fun the next day I had an early lecture at 9:00 and I kept missing it because I could not get out of bed. In my opinion, doing something more relaxed on weekdays is better as a good night sleep is essential in order to be fresh the next day. However, do not skip nights out at all. Weekends are dedicated to ourselves so it’s always important to take a small break from studying.
  2. Make daily lists of the tasks you have to fulfil; for example your pre-recorded lectures, the laundry or even the food shopping of the week. Thus, you will have an overview of how to manage your time to complete them all. It is not necessary to overload your schedule but make sure you are doing enough each day so you are confident with your deadlines.
  3. When in doubt of what to do first it is essential that you prioritize your studies; I know it might sound strict and weird but having all your academic tasks solved is the most relieved feeling you can get. After that you feel independent and you enjoy your day to the most. At the end of the day that is the reason we are all going to university besides all the fun that is contained!
  4. After a busy day of lectures, seminars and assignments do treat yourself with a night out, a takeaway or even a short trip. Personally, I love going for a walk in Guildford and buying pizza after a day full of lessons as it boosts my wellbeing, makes me relax and eases my mind.

I hope this will help you as it currently helps me to get organized in university life. See you in my next post!