Hot Pot Meet & Greet 🍲

Hi everyone! As promise I am bringing the updates for the hot pot meet & greet 😉I know that was pretty quick as I used to be lol, and I will try to keep up every time! Surprisingly the event went pretty well, and it is much more better than all we have expected! The meet & greet was taking place at the president, Jenny and the treasure Willis’ house, we were so worried before that we couldn’t fit in all the people and we are not able to prepare enough food since the number of people hasn’t been confirmed even until the day of the event.


So in the end there’re almost 30 people in the house and we still can fit in everyone! The only thing we didn’t expected was we didn’t prepare enough beer😂We planned some games few days before the event cause we thought it will be a bit awkward for everyone since we all haven’t met each other before. Maybe it is because of we all speak the same language so we did get along with each other really quick just enjoying the food and chat. The Taiwanese in Surrey are mostly postgrads and masters, but they’re just like big sisters and brothers, we all get on really well. The funniest thing could be when someone asking each other which city do they from then everyone started to share the same memory in that specific location, I think that is one of the thing that we can’t never experience with the local when you are oversea. The talks just went a bit sad now lol, let’s bring it back. Everyone finish eating at around 9ish so we just started to do some chat, I even met my senior in my middle school in Taiwan haha! What a small world!

最後竟然來了快30個人而且客廳跟廚房還剛剛好塞得下大家!我想唯一一間我們都沒預料的事應該是沒準備夠啤酒😂在辦活動之前我們還想了一堆遊戲,像什麼Have I ever never跟狼人殺之類的,因為感覺大家第一次見面都會一陣尷尬哈哈哈。不過大家人都很親切也都還蠻健談的,應該也是因為我們都說著對自己來說最熟悉的母語,不用任何遊戲大家就都邊吃火鍋邊聊得很開心了~在Surrey的碩博士生佔多數,不過跟其他還在讀大學或foundation的我們來說都像大哥哥大姊姊一樣,也不太有什麼隔閡。我覺得大家在聊天的時候最好玩的是大家都在認同鄉😂只要從同一個城市來的人大家都會開始問有沒有什麼共通點,住哪一區啊,讀哪個學校等等,我想這也是我們在國外的人無法跟當地人一起熱絡討論的話題之一吧。話題怎麼變得有點哀傷哈哈,趕快回到正題;就在大家差不多吃飽正在聊天的時候,我還認識了之前在台灣讀同一所國中的學姊,世界真的很小~

Hot pot for the day!

I am just not gonna describe what happen next when committees started to play drinking games and ended up going to karaoke and lost my voice for three days lolz. The meet & greet is so much fun, and we will definitely gonna hold more events like this😊Now I’m going back to photoshop for all the pics I’ve taken for that night!


Here’s the group pic for the lovely people😊

At the end of the article, I’m still gonna updated what’s going on recently in Surrey haha. There was a career fair on Wednesday, and there are more than 50 companies came to recruit students, which is very helpful for the second year student like me who is going on a placement year next year.Although for my course, there are not as many companies as the others that is related. However, I still got contact with one of the live sports streaming company and now I’ll need to work on my CV real hard! I might bring back another article to conclude the placement introduction in Surrey and all the external support I can get so please stay tune!


Recruitment fair!

Mandy xx