The second year😶

Hi guys! Time for some stories and news for the actual studying this week! As you know, second year is not that chill anymore which I would say every(or most) second year students will agree with me at this time.  Apart from the placement which was mentioned in my last article, the modules I have this year are more in-depth, and specially for my course more particles and projects are going on as well! Get started with filming and editing are excited but at the same time, they are really stressful due to the tight deadline and limited resources……


After all these time that we have complained getting too much theoretical exams in our first year, we now have the never ending deadline weeks by weeks that are still waiting us to complete. I’m not even over emphasis the amount of assignments we have got, they are literally insane. 4 modules, 8 assignments in 8 weeks, and none of them are essays, they are all projects…… In terms of editing and filming a piece of sequence, advanced planning and time managements are super important. If I want to shoot a one-minute film, I will need to come up with a script, make a storyboard, find the casts and location, book the equipment, set up a scene and equipments, film and edit it. Not mentioning the lectures which I need to attend, part-time job and some social life which are going on at the same time, all these works are just for ONE assignments of a particular modules.


Interesting stuffs are still going around for sure, the module that gave us so much pain is ‘Cinematography’ , fancy name and stressful for sure. Although I personally really like this module cause we get chances every lecture to use the proper film camera and go through all the professional procedure that actually happen on a film set. It is very refreshing and fascinating throughout the whole module. Most of the people don’t really understand what cinematography actually is, including me at the beginning of the lecture. It is basically the skill and technique to deliver the desire scene/shot from the director, different DOP (Director of Photography) will have their specific style.

除了一連串的報告之外,當然還有有趣的課程;帶給我痛苦和喜悅的科目就是’Cinematography’電影攝影學 😂不過我自己本身還蠻喜歡這個科目的,因為我們每次上課都可以有機會操作到真正的電影攝影機,也體驗到正式的專業電影製作流程。上課的時候真的很有趣也很上課的時候真的很有趣也很令人印象深刻。包括一開始的我在內,可能大部分的人都不太清楚什麼是電影攝影學。它其實就是一門技術將導演想表達的場景和鏡頭用不同的攝影手法來呈現給觀眾,而不同的攝影指導(DOP)都有自己獨特的攝影風格。

The shot from the proper film camera!

Film students with their gear😉

Last week we had a really impact lecture, which is to film a 2 minutes short film in a day. 20 of us including our lecturer being the director/producer and cinematographer and the rest of us switching the roles as a film crew. Spent a day rolling the camera, working with two actual actors, I would say it is one of the most impressive lecture of my life. Making a film is long, tough and sometimes not even as fun as you think it is, but we all enjoyed it very much. A piece of film is made of everyone’s passion and hard-work in the crew, no matter how tough it is, it is what we love.


End this week with the sketch form our workshops, and it is time to go back for the assignments😌 I’ll see you in the next article!


Mandy xx