Living off-campus as an international student

After the first year where you’ve been acclimated to English culture, and made a few friends along the way, you’ll probably want to live off-campus with the friends you’ve just made. Sure you could live on campus again in the lovely rooms the uni provides, but most likely you’ll want to live somewhere else with friends.

Finding off-campus housing can be a difficult endeavor and your mileage will vary. When searching you will definitely want to utilize the university as they do in fact help with housing off-campus and it makes the entire process so so much easier. If not there are a variety of apps and services that help you find accommodation. It is important to note that you must be careful when looking at houses and you want to make sure that the people or company that owns it are up to your standards. You need to be quick when finding a place. It’s best to start thinking about living next year in the winter instead of the spring where people will be pulling out there hairs trying to find a reasonable place to live. Keep in mind proximity to the University as well as other places like proximity town and any grocery stores. Rent prices can differ drastically depending on different factors and you need to keep everything in mind when making a solid choice.

Living is also very different off-campus as opposed to on-campus in my experience. You all really have to make sure you’re on top of cleaning as, unlike Uni accommodation you don’t get a maid to clean up the mess you’ve made in the kitchen or bathroom (Although you, of course, have to make sure you’re tidy anywhere). Make sure you pay your rent and utilities on time. You also have the benefit of living with people you’re close with instead of strangers, although for some people living with people they don’t know might be a better experience for them. Living on campus in my first year was a great jumping-off point to becoming more independent as I felt they guided me through it all while also not holding my hand every step of the way. Living off-campus is the next natural progression. You become even more independent but you can still get help if needed from the University of Surrey.

All in all, where to live your second and third year is your decision and you should do what you feel comfortable with. Some people might feel daunted by the idea of living off-campus and finding you’re own house with friends. It is, and I certainly felt it, but its more then doable and like always if you’re struggling you can ask the Uni for help.