A day work from home

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing well.

I understand this is a difficult time for all of us, but everyone is doing their best to overcome this hardness. There are not a lot of things happen due to the infection. Furthermore, most of the activities and events have been moved online. Although they are all interesting, I would really prefer to interact

As a promise, this time, I will talk about how I spend my day during my long holiday.

Normally, I would wake up around 7 am, and prepare for my morning lectures. However, during this holiday, I am allowed myself to take some lazy on the bed and get up around 8 or 9 am. Since Spring has come, I notice various birds fly and sing outside of my window. I really enjoy this. After getting over my laziness and roll out of my comfortable bed, I prepare some breakfast. Sometimes, I make omelet and bread, other times, I would eat cereal and fruits. After that, I usually take a small walk around the neighborhood. Winter is over, so the weather is really nice. I enjoy walking around with the breezing from the wind and the warmth from the sun.

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A morning view from my window

When I get back to the room, the first thing I always do is making coffee. During this long break, coffee and books are my two best friends. To be honest, I have tried various mixes from milk to different types of teas, and chocolate to change my coffee taste. And every day, I discover something new. I also make Dalgona coffee. However, I gave up after about an hour of whipping the mixture. It got thicker, but I could not make it as fluffy as it supposes to be. I did promise myself that one day I will successfully make the true Dalgona coffee.

While drinking coffee, I usually read novels and enjoy my day. Once in a while, I will call my family in Vietnam. I am glad that they are doing fine, and the lockdown in Vietnam is over. My friends in Vietnam start to send me their pictures, and most of them are all kinds of delicious foods. I really miss the foods I usually had back in my hometown.

After that, I usually prepare some light lunch and prepare for the afternoon lectures. The lectures usually about 2 to 3 hours. However, they are all recorded, so I can take a break in between to refresh my mind. While taking the lectures, I have all my snacks around to keep me awake. It is the luxury of studying at home. It is important to make a schedule and stick to the plan. Otherwise, it would get to nowhere.

Later on, I would cook something and enjoy the dinner with my housemate. Since we cannot go anywhere during this time, we try to entertain ourselves with different kinds of foods. One of the best parts of staying in accommodation is that I could meet new friends from other nations and learn about their cultures, and their food too. I will talk about the different kinds of food that I have been experienced in another post.

After dinner, we usually enjoy some tea. Sometimes, we mix some milk into our tea. Other times, we mix some jam and fruits and make fruit tea. It is really lively in our accommodation as everyone is friendly and joyful. Sometimes we invite friends from other houses to come and join us. Before the lockdown, we usually have a little party once in a while. However, with the current situation, it is only the people in our house.

When night comes, it is my time to work on my project and dissertation. I usually spend around one to two hours per day to research and prepare for my project. Luckily, all my data has been gathered before the lockdown. Therefore, my current work is analysing them.

I do enjoy working from home, and the area that I am living right now is really peaceful. To be honest, sometimes, I would just read novels and watch movies all day long without doing anything. 😀 It is nice that I could let myself loose and relax.

That is long enough for today. I will stop here and see you all in my next post. Stay in the house and protect yourself as well as others.

Good luck and have fun.

Just saying that while I am writing this, I am enjoying my second cup of coffee.

Next topic, how about some delicious food that I make during my long holiday.