Summer is here

Hello everyone

It has been so long since my last post. I apologize for this incident. During the last month, we all had an intense exam period along with deadlines for assignments and projects. Due to the current situation, all the exams were changed into an open book online exam. Since they were the open books, the exams were really longer than we expected, but I finally managed to complete every question. Hopefully, my answers contained enough keys detail and important information. I kept worrying that my answers were not enough. Instead of direct answers from the books or lectures, these types of questions were more like open answers, which required students to fully understand the problems. To be honest, these types of questions are way harder than the normal exam, but I like these questions more than the old questions. The questions are derived from the core information from the modules, however, students must not limit themselves from study beyond what they have been taught during the classes. These questions require students to analyse and understand the problems before answering them.

At last, the intense exam period has ended. I finally completed most of my objectives for my master’s program. I could not believe that my Master’s program is almost over. Since I was free today, I took a bus to visit the campus after a long time staying at home. The feeling was really strange and nostalgic. A few months ago, we were all rushing in and out, busy with our classes and works. I remembered the days that we had classes in the early morning, so we would need to wake up early and wait for the bus. The bus was always full of students. Sometimes, we met our friends on the bus and we would have little chat about everything. Sometimes, we talked about classes or subjects. Other times, we would talk about movies or music. When the bus stopped at the school terminal, people rushed in and out. The campus was really chaotic and lively. I remembered the time when the library and the labs were full of students. Finding a space in the library was really a challenge (especially during the exam period). There were some days, our class camped in the library to prepare for the exams and projects. I remembered the noisy Rubix with full of different kinds of events and parties. We usually came to the Rubix or nearby coffee store to relax and had fun. Sometimes we also visit someone else house and had parties. I remembered the Christmas party that I had with the Vietnamese student Society or the Halloween parties that I had with my classmates. Suddenly I feel like time passes so quickly. Nine months ago, I just came to the campus and met new friends. Now, we almost finish our program.  

Today, I came to the campus with the same bus route and at the same time. However, the bus was really empty. Only one or two passengers were on the bus. Due to social distancing, we barely talked to each other. We passed the Manor Park and Sports Park. Usually, students would wait in line to get on the bus. But now, the places were really quiet. I hardly saw anyone walking on the road. At last, I stopped by the campus. The buildings were there, but I didn’t see anyone. The campus was really peaceful and quiet. I took my time and walk along the road from buildings to buildings. I stopped by the lake and enjoy the fresh air. It was a really long time since I walked around aimlessly. With no exam stress and deadline, I enjoyed my slow walk around the campus. The weather was also really nice. Sunny with a little windy, the temperature was a little cool, and I really enjoyed this. Since all buildings were closed, I could not go inside. Therefore, I just visited outside and took my time to walk to the Tesco.

No description available.
A beautiful view from my normal path
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The lake where I usually talk a walk

After that, I went shopping and came back to my room and prepared for dinner.

It was the first time I felt so relaxed after the lockdown.

That is long enough for today, next time, I will visit the town and have some fun.

Have fun and take care!