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Approaches to selection: competency, strengths, technical and values

A key to succeeding in any recruitment process is to know what criteria you are being measured against. If you know what they are looking for, then you can make sure your application form, interview answer or assessment centre performance gets top marks. It’s just like knowing the marking criteria at university. Employers use different […]

Five top tips for creative job seeking

We are all familiar with the traditional ways to job search: online vacancy sites, newspapers, recruitment agencies, visiting the Job Centre and word of mouth. But what if you’re interested in a sector where it’s challenging to find vacancies and some jobs are never even advertised? This requires a broader job search and thinking outside […]

How I fitted part time work around my PhD

Finding a wide range of employment opportunities while studying Fairly new in my department, I was asked to perform as a last minute substitute examiner for a class test on a subject within my area of expertise. That’s how I got started with Unitemps, it’s been a joyous ride so far and I recommend everyone, to […]

You mean, I have to go and work now?

Careers Ambassador, Meg has written this blog about transitioning from university to the working world. When we’re at University, all we can think about is studying, partying, socialising etc. But what happens next? We are often, seemingly, thrown out in the working world and are totally unprepared for the scenarios that we may encounter. Many […]

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