Accommodation at Surrey

Hello everyone:) Following up the post which I have mentioned that the accommodation application process has started since 1 March, this post would be introducing the accommodation at Surrey with a little bit more details adding on top of Jelena’s post before. Have you applied for your accommodation if you already have an offer? Student […]

Surrey Decides 2016

Hello there~ How’s your week? Have you voted for your preferred candidate if you’re an eligible voter for the 2016 New Territories East by-election on 28 Feb? Surrey is starting its online voting of the annual election process of the students’ Union (Surrey Decides 2016) 2 March as well! The Students’ Union is led by 5 […]

Stay Fit at Uni

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great week. Any plans for the weekend? I had a pretty busy weekend; a friend of mine from one of my previous schools came to visit. I took her around Guildford, did some shopping and had really nice food! Now, I have lots of work to catch […]

Refreshers Week

Hi everyone, it’s me Diana. How was Chinese New Year? Hopefully you didn’t overindulge in the food too much. However, I can totally understand because I miss the food so much! Last week was refreshers week, for some of you who might have no idea of what it is, it is basically an introduction week […]

My GGA Class and the Library

Hello all, it’s Lok Kwan here today!! How’s your first week of Monkey year going? It must be full of good food I guess. My life resumes to a normal master student again since last week and it’s exciting to get to see my friends in classes again! Apart from the classes of my programme, my […]

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