48 hours in Paris!

Last weekend, I took an impromptu trip to Paris, France for literally only two days. Let me tell you straight, it was too short of a trip.

It was the weekend after the first semester results, and alhamdulillah I did pretty good despite the struggles of building a new life here in the UK. Anyways, I wanted to celebrate and what better way than going to the city of love (alone, um okay haha).

I took an EasyJet flight to Charles de Gaulle Airport as the prices were still cheap for a return ticket. I checked the prices in Spring and it spiked almost double gosh! Anyways, it was an early flight and I arrived in Paris, checked in at an ibis hotel in Porte Doree by 12pm and headed straight for the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been there before when I was young but I was too young and couldn’t remember it. It was sooooo pretty and the sun was out so it felt almost like Spring without all the crowd that comes with it.



I visited some of the other famous places like the Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, Notre Dame, and a few others. It was a tiring day of metro travelling, walking, and being in awe of beautiful architecture and art. The last point of visit for Saturday was Laduree of course. Some cakes and tea to end the day <3





I mean, I really don’t have to say more on this. I went to Disneyland and ran around like a child the whole day. Not one bit of me got embarrassed with the stares haha. It brought out the child in me again and I felt like there was no care in the world! Words can’t describe what an amazing day I had there. The best part was definitely the Disney light show at the end of the night. I almost cried really.



I don’t know how big children are these days but me being Asian-sized was able to fit into this Belle gown.



So there you have it, 48 hours in the city of love. Paris was beautiful and I would definitely go there again sometime in my life. If you wanna see the city from where I saw it, I vlogged the trip here: www.youtube.com/imanezyd

Totally worth it! (except bring Maggi cause food there is so expensive tbh)


Till next time,

Iman Ezidy