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Paper of Matt Turner to appear in QJMAM

The paper “Fluid sloshing in rectangular vessels with side-wall baffles using conformal mappings of multiply-connected domains” by Matt Turner has been accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.  Final form preprint available here. The paper cleverly utilizes conformal mappings of a multiply connected domain to formulate a numerical procedure which […]

Carina Dunlop gives mathematical biology seminar at Oxford University

Carina Dunlop visited the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University on Friday 2nd February to give a talk in the Mathematical  Biology and Ecology Seminar Series.  The title of her talk was “Mechanical models for cell and tissue mechanotransduction“.  The ability of cells to sense and respond to the mechanical properties of their environments is fundamental […]

FEPS Dean Paul Smith visits Department of Mathematics

Professor Paul Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, visited the Department today (Thursday 1 February) to discuss new initiatives in the faculty and university and take feedback from the Department. He indicated his strong support for the strategic importance of mathematics in FEPS, the importance of core mathematics, and value of […]

Tom O’Neill passes PhD confirmation examination

Congratulations to Tom O’Neill for passing his PhD confirmation examination today (Tuesday 30 January)!  The examiners were Ian Roulstone and Jon Bevan. Tom‘s project title is “Validating the semigeostrophic equations as the vanishing Froude/Rossby number limit of the 3D Euler equations in the class of smooth solutions” and the project is supervised by Bin Cheng.

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