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Summer research projects for seven students this year

A record number of students have signed up for summer research projects this year.  These projects are competitively awarded and typically run for 8 weeks in the summer and are funded by EPSRC, the London Mathematical Society, the Department Research Fund, vHive, and the SATRO Research Placement Scheme.  The students (supervisors) and project titles this […]

Paper of Jan Gutowski appears in Classical and Quantum Gravity

The paper “Einstein-Weyl spaces and near-horizon geometry” co-authored by Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge), Jan Gutowski, and Wafic Sabra (American U of Beirut), has been published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.  A link to the published paper is here. In the paper they show that a class of solutions of minimal supergravity in five dimensions […]

Delahaies-Roulstone paper on DALEC v2 published in Geoscientific Model Development

The paper “Constraining DALEC v2 using multiple data streams and ecological constraints: analysis and application“, co-authored by Sylvain Delahaies, Ian Roulstone, and Nancy Nichols (Reading) has been accepted for publication in the journal Geoscientific Model Development (GMD), a journal with an impact factor of 5.2.  The paper uses a variational method to assimilate multiple data […]

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