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Cesare Tronci gives talks in France, Italy, and Spain

Cesare Tronci has been travelling through Europe giving talks over the past month.  The week of 3-7 April he attended and gave a talk at KineMa 2017: Numerical Modeling of Kinetic Magnetized Plasmas, which was held in Cargese, France. He spoke on “Modeling efforts in hybrid kinetic-MHD systems“.  On the 25th April he gave an […]

Cheng-Tronci paper to appear in the Proceedings of the LMS

The paper “Existence of global weak solutions to a hybrid Vlasov-MHD model for magnetized plasmas” co-authored by Bin Cheng, Endre Süli (Oxford) and Cesare Tronci, has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society.  The paper proves global-in-time existence of large-data finite-energy weak solutions to an incompressible hybrid Vlasov-magnetohydrodynamic model in […]

Alessandro Torrielli organises two-month programme at Galilei Institute in Italy

Alessandro Torrielli is at the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics for two months this spring (20 March to 12 May) organising a programme on “New Developments in AdS3/CFT2 Holography“.  In addition to focussed research interaction, the  programme hosts a Conference on classical and quantum aspects of AdS3/CFT2, a Focus Week on recent developments on […]

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