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Paper of Anne Skeldon and ERIE team published on the modelling of food waste recycling

The paper “Agent-based modelling to predict policy outcomes: A food waste recycling example“, co-authored by Anne Skeldon, Frank Schiller (Hanover, Germany), Aidong Yang (Engineering, Oxford), Tina Balke-Visser (Vanderlande, Netherlands), Alex Penn (Sociology, Surrey), and Nigel Gilbert (Sociology, Surrey), has been published in Environmental Science and Policy.  A link to the published paper is here.  In […]

Gianne Derks attends conferences in Nottingham and Sardinia

Gianne Derks is at the at the conference SPT 2018 this week (3-10 June) in Puna, Sardinia.  The picture left shows the Hotel Flamingo which is hosting the conference.  Gianne gave a talk on Monday with title: “One-dimensional periodic solutions in a three-component reaction-diffusion system“. A link to the conference webpage is here. Last week, […]

Jane Lyle passes PhD confirmation examination

Congratulations to Jane Lyle for passing her PhD confirmation examination today (Monday 4 June)!  The examiners were Carina Dunlop and Anne Skeldon. Jane’s project title is “Attractor Reconstruction of ECG Signals” and the project is supervised by Philip Aston and Manasi Nandi (Kings College London). The picture to the left shows Jane at the Houses […]

Paper of Bin Cheng and colleagues at Shanghai Jiao Tong University appears in SIAM J Math Anal

The paper “Singularity formation and global existence of classical solutions for one-dimensional rotating shallow water system“, co-authored by Bin Cheng, Peng Qu (Fudan University, Shanghai) and Chunjing Xie (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), has been published in the SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis.  A link to the published version is here.  The paper studies classical solutions […]

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