Hey friends,


I hope you are well and you’ve been having a great week so far.

So as you may know or may not know, it’s getting cold here and ehhh the weather just switched in a blink. Last week was nice, not too warm but not too cold but this week chaiii….. it has not even started o guys. The cold is just introducing itself but ehhh let’s just leave it there.


DISCLAIMER: This tips may not work well for you, you may not find it useful if you’ve been in the UK for a while now and you may feel like it’s just common sense….. But I would like to share them with you guys cause you’re my friends right? 😉


Yeah so my winter survival tips;

  • My very first advice my people is too wrap up warm, I mean you know anyways that you are expected to but this is so important. As for me, I wear 15 layers joke! But really one layer of cloth is never enough. I am sorry but when it gets cold, for me it’s just that time of the year to store away all my nice summer dresses, my sandals and any fancy clothing I have. It’s time to start dressing like ‘baba suwe’ J   I mean, I really don’t expect myself to be wearing sandals when its like 10 degrees out there. The truth is that, I have actually done this before *covers face* that day was crazy. I was trying to do “miss fashionable”, but please don’t ask me what I was thinking of because my people that story is for another year lol. As I always tell my friends ‘our body wasn’t made for this cold at all’.. Now I just tell my inner self that my comfort any time before fashion, and you guys know that ‘I cannot come and die’.
  • Tip 2: Hehe this might sound funny but pepper soup is definitely needed in this weather, so if you can from Nigeria bring your spices with you. I mean there are definitely places in London you can get them. But since it’s not really going to add to the weight of your luggage why not bring the original pepper soup from the mother land. Tbh I actually really love my pepper soup, when I sense my throat is starting to get sore. I don’t even wait, I just go grab my pepper soup spice, oya. I could have it alone or sometimes with rice, with yam. You guys definitely know the deal…. ‘Let me not even say plenty story’.
  • Hmmm tip 3 please just learn how to drink tea, milo, or coffee, whichever one you prefer really. This is what I had to do people, because I just was not big on it when I was in Nigeria but really no one told me before I started forcing myself to. And it is now one of my top survival tip. I drink tea now like it’s water, and it definitely helps to keep me warm. Well not really for a long period of time, but however long it lasts, it does help.

So people I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope it was indeed useful for you all.

Take care guys and have a lovely weekend ahead, till next time!