Thursday’s For Food at UoSurrey

2016 has been one hell of a year so far, Nigeria’s election (and now recession), Brexit and the US elections. Boy, I wonder what 2017 has in store for us.

Anyhoo, I’ve been seriously racking my brain on what to discuss today and I thought, why not talk about food 🙂 That’s one topic that makes everyone happy so go for it.

Today being Thursday I thought to highlight the fact that there’s always a Fruit and Vegetable Market on campus here every week. I’ve written a blog post about this sometime ago but a lot more has been added since the last post hence this update. To all my Nigerians out there, they sell yams and plantains! ^^ and many more things of course but just thought to highlight those. There are also pop-up stalls right at the entrance of The Front Room that sell some lovely Paella (shout out to our Spanish homies out there), some amazing street Thai and Greek food as well as Nigerian food brought to you by Foy Cuisine. Yes, she now comes to campus people, you can now get that ready-made Jollof rice every Thursday. You can also get beans, puff-puff, meat pie, ayamase etc. To satisfy your sweet tooth there’s also a huge stall that sells cakes, brownies, pies and the likes. I literally struggle to pass by without buying anything. You guys need to check them out.

Now, you have no right to be hungry on Thursdays people, especially if you’re on campus. Go get that food and stay happy 🙂

Theresa xx