Women In Tech by Debut

Have you heard about the new graduate recruitment app called Debut? Well last Wednesday, my friends and I attended an event in London after being Talent Spotted on our Debut app.


It was a Women in Tech event where we got to meet and network with different women across the UK interested in technology.  Present there were technical female representatives from L’Oreal, Bloomberg, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Microsoft and Vodafone and it was interesting learning different perspectives from females in technological roles.


The event started with the Founder of the Debut app introducing us to the speakers who then gave a 2mins pitch of why we should join their companies. We got the chance to ask questions such as what problems do they face being women in tech roles? If it is possible to apply for a tech job without coming from such background (e.g  lawyers, business degrees), What skills do we need to show during interviews? Do these companies offer staff development programmes?


These were really good questions and the speakers were very reassuring and encouraging. There was a competition which involved cracking a code. The winner got a chance to have a one-to-one interview with the company of her choice thereby fast-tracking her application process. Hint: if you do get an invite to such an event by Debut, get your mind read, you just might have to crack some code 😉


It was a really nice evening, lots of good food and drinks. I really got to network with so many people and that was a great opportunity to expand my network.


Theresa xx