Lagos to Guildford

Hello everyone, I’m Nana a new postgraduate student at the University of Surrey. I choose this university mainly because it offered an MSc Sustainable Development with lecturers who have worked in Nigeria and Worldwide. This was important to me because after my undergrad I came out feeling a bit lost and not quite sure how my degree could make a real change the lives of improvised Nigerians, I wanted to learn from people who are at the forefront of innovations that make a continent so rich in resources more prosperous. Sounds a bit philanthropic?  Well, if you’ve been following Nigerian news you’ll see how economical and humanitarian crises are quickly escalating so it comes as so surprise that I would want to help. I feel this ties in very well with religion. Most of us come from a fairly religious family and we have a duty to protect the world we live in. UoS makes sure that there are chaplains from various faiths to help you carry on your journey with God at university, they can also introduce you to other members of your faith who are from Nigeria. Click Here 

As the Christmas festivities begin I have felt the need to draw closer to God. Whatever your faith or lack of faith ( I’m Catholic), the end of the year is a good time to reflect and I’ve been doing a lot of that at St Edmund’s in Godalming. The aesthetics and holy ambiance of the church make it a lovely place to sit back, relax and think about how to use the last bits of 2016 positively.

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God Bless

Nana x